Meditate To Feel Good, Clear, & Full Of Creativity


When I was a teenager, my friends would often catch me daydreaming, while I put my hand in a mudra pose without even realizing it because it came so natural to me.

Little did I know at the time that I was meditating. It wasn’t until later in my life that I realized what I was actually doing.

My spirit was already familiar with the practice of meditation, yet over the years as I immersed myself in my busy life, I heard about others raving about it.

All this talk of meditation though, made me think of it as mystical, lazy, and unproductive.

Boy was I ever wrong!

For the past 2 years I have implemented a daily meditation practice in the early mornings, and sometimes even in the evenings.

I was also graced with the presence of a spiritual teacher by mere synchronicity (or fate perhaps), who taught me for months how to still my mind using a mantra. By single-mindedly focusing on this mantra, I was able to achieve clarity, peace of mind, and moments of union with all things.

I am eternally grateful and blessed to have experienced such guidance as it changed the trajectory of my life, quite literally.

It also activated an inner knowing within me to write profusely (and effortlessly, I might add), a talent that I hadn’t even realized that I had.

While complete silence of the mind may appear to be impossible to many, there have been a few fleeting moments where I have experienced this, and it’s been complete bliss.

Not to mention the sense of awareness, presence, and the expansion of consciousness that I tapped tap into like you’re merging with everything.

It’s pretty cool stuff.

The results have been miraculous to say the least, and now I simply cannot function without meditating.

Yes, I’ve become a meditation junkie, and I’m proud of it.

When you meditate, you are emptying your mind, and you are literally rewiring your brain cells. You are healing the unconscious karmic thought patterns that are getting in the way of your evolution. 

Everything from your past comes to the surface, whether it be unresolved issues, or things that need to be confronted.

Examining your past can be painful to face, but with courage, love, and a whole lot of forgiveness, this pain can be released. This can allow new thought patterns to emerge in line with the life that you want; filled with more peace, joy, and tranquility.

I like to think of meditation as a mental cleanse. It purifies our thoughts to align with a higher truth so that we can see with it, and ultimately be the light of this truth.

Meditation has the power to transform your mind, help you to reconnect with your divinity, and ultimately awaken you to who you really are.

It can help you peel away the layers of fictional identities that have been created through the ego. and give you a fresh new lens minus our deep rooted paradigms that are often short sighted, linear, fear-based, and so limited.

The deep-rooted stories that you tell yourself, the paradigms that are often short-sighted and fear-based no longer become reinforced by the mind who becomes more aware. Stress and anxiety diminish, and a greater truth begins to emerge and partner with us, to teach us, and guide us to greater happiness, with ultimately more harmony.

With meditation, your creativity also grows off the charts, and solutions emerge with ease and grace.

While I don’t suggest you resist your thoughts (as they will continue to surface throughout your meditation, regardless), I encourage you to become more aware of them, observe them as they float by in your mind and allow them to pass through you without any judgement; just pure awareness.

When you do this, you’ll discover that the quiet, still, self-assured person doing all the observing is actually the real you witnessing your smaller self having a momentary experience.

In truth, meditation may not be for everyone. However, for those of you who are committed to making a real change in your life, and are willing to try implementing a daily practice starting from even 10-20 minutes a day, get ready to transform your life.

Now over to you?  Do you meditate daily?  I’d love to hear more about some of the benefits that you’ve experienced.

OR, need advice?

Do share your heartfelt thoughts and comments about it on the blog with the community and I’ll be sure to Reply.

Cheers to feeling good!


Abby xo



The Simple, Most Effective Practice To Raising Your Vibration.

Feel good

What if I told you that you could heighten your vibes by implementing one simple, daily practice?

The best part too, is that it doesn’t require you to bust a sweat in the gym, nor does it require any ritualistic practices either.

Everything you need starts within your mind, with your thoughts.

Your thoughts heavily influence your emotional patterns and your energetic state of being overall.

If you want to increase your vibration, forgive your negative thoughts repeatedly as a daily practice.

Holding onto resentments can weigh you down tremendously.

Not to mention the amount of energy wasted on replaying that grievance over and over again in your mind. Which, let’s be honest, can be exhausting and soul-sucking. It totally debilitates your spirit, your creativity, and your enjoyment of life.

And that’s just on the physical level.

On a spiritual level, this can throw you completely out of alignment with the flow of your life because metaphysically speaking, thought becomes form.

In instances where you are harbouring negative thought patterns, riddled with emotions of anger etc., it will eventually manifest into an obstacle of some sort that acts as a vibrational match, which can begin to make your life pretty difficult.

When this happens, it can also lower your vibrational frequency. By a lot.

When your mind is attached to a past hurt or grievance, it can:

  • cause general distress
  • cause dis-ease to the body
  • block your chakras
  • block your creativity
  • and disturb your peace.

The root of all grievances is judgement.

We are constantly judging throughout our days, the social media post, the person behind you in the coffee shop, your colleagues, your partner, your ex, your friends etc. etc, we’re even judging in our sleep unconsciously, waking up tired and lethargic as the mind overworks itself and cannot shut itself down.

Here’s what’s happening with your energy when you do this, Zap, Zap, Zap, Zap, until you become the hunchback of Notredame with little to no energy.

Judgement is the ego’s way of separating itself from Spirit and saying “I’m right,” — but this comes at the cost of your happiness.

When you make judgements, you cut yourself off from the greater whole, and fall out of grace.

By implementing a daily practice of forgiveness, you can clear your energy and set yourself free.

This can allow you to fall back into a state of grace.

Whenever you feel the compulsion to judge, or replay a grievance in your mind, gently forgive each thought as it comes up, and set it free. It’s that simple!

Make forgiveness a daily practice and it will clear all of that dense energy, so you can feel happier, and lighter. It will also allow you to free yourself from a lot of the heaviness that’s weighing you down.

When you initially start letting go, the ego will put up a relentless fight to hang onto a grievance, or an offence, in order to separate itself from Spirit.

Ego will want to prove itself to be right so badly, however, the light will begin to expand, and your ego will give up the fight because love is so much easier and lighter.

When you do this, you fall back into alignment with the flow of life, you free your heart of all that is getting in the way of you receiving your good.

Now over to you:  Do you currently harbour any hidden resentments that are weighing you down? Are you willing to release them for the sake of your happiness?

Or, need advice?

Please share your heartfelt thoughts with the rest of the community on the blog so that we can support you.

I hope this message empowers you so that you can raise your vibration.

After all, who doesn’t want to feel good?

All love,

Abby xo


The Fine Art Of Having A Sweaty-Palm Conversation.


Confrontation. No one enjoys it.

Let’s face it — it’s awkward, usually inconvenient, and can be a total vibe killer. However, for the sake of connection and communication it is necessary to clear the air on occasion.

That’s why I want to change the perception of this conversation (that usually centres around having a sweaty-palm conversation) in such a way that makes love, and harmony the intention, and to create mutual respect for one another.

This is not about being right, it’s about being happy.

I believe that ‘healthy confrontation’ is a life skill that is often overlooked and needs to be developed as relationships are everything (in business or in life).

You’re in a meeting with a colleague, you make a recommendation and lo and behold, you get an eye-roll from the back of the room.

The meeting continues and the very same colleague throws a comment, riddled with sarcasm regarding your recommendation. And it happens again, and again and again…..until you finally drum up the courage to confront this issue.

What do you do?  Do you let it go?  Or, do you face the person to clear the air sweaty palms and all?

Miscommunication, assumptions, projections, things left unsaid, and stories all affect cohesiveness. This is especially true in a team, partnership, friendship, relationship etc. and affects the progression on an energetic level. This can often lead to grievances and grudges that end up weighing you down.

A heart and mind free of grievances is what will propel you forward in this life.

On that note, here are 4 Tips For A Healthy Confrontation:

1)    Set the intention for peaceful resolve ahead of time.

Intention is everything. If you launch in attack mode, nothing will be accomplished except for possibly fulfilling your need to be right.  A healthy confrontation will require you to go in with an open mind, and maybe more importantly, an open heart so you can actually hear what the person has to say before rushing to judgement.

2)    Seek to understand, not to respond.

Your tender ego will naturally want to defend it’s own beliefs and assumptions. Try to remember that you (and your tender ego) are not on trial, and neither is the person that you’re having the confrontation with. Do your best to detach from the situation and look at it from their perspective. Be contemplative. Leave room to wonder, open your heart and your mind before you respond. No two people think alike, nor do they see things differently. Seek common ground, you may not necessarily agree with their position, however, stick to the objective of resolve.

3)    Speak your mind.

Try phrases like:  

  • You know what, when you said [this], it bothered me.
  • Am I reading into this, do you have an issue with something I said? 
  • I truly just want to understand. 

Then give the other person the opportunity to respond, and listen intently to what they have to say. You may have missed something that could have rubbed them the wrong way. Again, this is not about people-pleasing, or about being liked. This is about seeking common ground.

4)    Apologize and be unapologetic at the same time.

Apologize for not understanding their feelings however, don’t apologize for your position. This is not about you being swayed from your convictions or integrity.  You are simply acknowledging that their feelings matter. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with the other person. It just means that you value compassion and understanding over conflict.

Please note that this is often easier said than done, however, if we check our ego at the door and approach the confrontation from a place of love, peace, and harmony, so much more can be accomplished.

And, both parties can come to a mutual respect for one another.

After all, isn’t that what really matters in the end?

With love,

Abby xo












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