We don’t have to wait for the other shoe to drop…


Ever notice how some people get the memo early in life and get their act together without an epic breakdown?  Bravo to these wise, beings who witness the warning signals, take heed and apply.  Wisdom at it’s finest.

For the rest of us stubborn, creatures on the other hand, we have to fall HARD to get the lesson.  This is why I believe that what we don’t have to wait for the other shoe to drop and that we can live a life with more joy, grace and ease and less “suffering” if we learned to listen to the whispers of our intuition.

That business opportunity that you really wanted to pursue that you were dazzled by.  The one that you told yourself was a level up.  Yet the deal from the onset was riddled with resistance.  Something didn’t sit right, it kept you up at night, you started questioning yourself, anxiety started creeping in.  And you said to yourself “Something is misaligned”“But I thought it was a good move, what’s up with all this resistance?”  “Why am I getting that yucky, feeling inside?”

Ahhh…….but was it the right move for your highest good?

Hindsight of course is always 20/20 but what I’m more interested in, is why we question our intuition especially when red flags are staring us right in the face.

And so I’ve come to believe that it’s our unbelief in the unseen that we struggle with more than anything.

It’s like having all the circumstantial evidence glaring right at us, yet we want a confession.

I love what author, Sonia Choquette, says on the matter of intuition where she quotes:

People still regularly discount the sixth sense, because their egos will do anything to stay in control.

Because the truth of the matter is, we don’t want to face the truth, so we’d rather continue living in our illusions.

I know this because I’ve been there, where I wanted so badly for my intuition to be wrong.  I know what it’s like to be filled with pride, to carry shame, to literally persecute and berate yourself internally for not paying attention to the signs.  I wanted the story I told myself to be right and I would do anything to protect it at all costs.

What I realized however, was that with all the protecting I was doing of my fantasy, I suffered, and how paradoxical?  I closed my heart to the truth and allowed fear to rule over my mind.

There’s a poignant, quote by A Course in Miracles that drives this home where it says:

Do not be distracted by the frame and look at what’s in front of you.

The frame in this instance, is the story or paradigm that we create to defend our illusions as opposed to inhaling the truth before us.

I’m about to share something mind boggling, with you so please keep an open mind and heart with this one, promise?

Do you know that 90% of our thoughts are Ego based and simply not true?

Huh, huh, you better the believe it!  And really because most of our thoughts are formed by past conditioning thus we assess all people, situations, make judgments, assessments, and create stories to support our Old beliefs.

The Course in Miracles further teaches us that we do not understand in most instances because of this, and it is only by admitting this with humility, that we begin to unlearn our false, perceptions about ourselves and the crap we’ve fed ourselves to believe.

For those of you who have it all together and trust yourself completely, I salute you.  Take my two cents for what it’s worth and forget the rest.  But for those of you who are seekers of truth and are willing to expand your heart, take a piece of humble pie, and discover your True nature, your freedom awaits.

Now your turn.  Need Advice?  Does this content resonate with you in any way?

Have you ever struggled with following your intuition?

And if so, how did it make you feel?

Please feel free to share what you’re going through in the Comment Box of the Blog and I’ll be sure to Reply.

Sending so much love your way,

Abby xo

The divine paradox of Desire…


Desire.  One of the most powerful, evolutionary, impulses that can take a thought or an idea and morph it into existence into a tangible, result by mere passion, focus and action.

But there is another side of desire that can really turn into a lustful, obsession and create an attachment that has destructive consequences.  Such is the divine paradox.

This conversation will center around that.

So you want to buy a bigger house and it’s ok, I mean why not?  Think BIG, Right!?

You’ve set your goal, you’ve put together your plan to achieving this goal, you’ve set your intention.

A few months go by and it doesn’t happen.  That then turns into a year, so you’re thinking “I’ve got patience, it’s cool.”  Then 2 years go by, now you’re getting irritated.  3 years go by and you’re pissed.  To make matters worse, the Joneses up the street just bought a house just like it, now your Desire is in your face and you have to sit there, smile and take it.

Depression now kicks in by the 4th year and before you know it, you’ve found yourself in a state of hopelessness.

But let’s back track for a bit cause a lot of great stuff happened along the way like, you found a loving, supportive, partner, you got a promotion at your job, you made that dream trip to Bali that you longed for, cash is flowing, you’re healthy, kids are doing great, yet you say to yourself “Why don’t I have my damn, house by now? Dammit!?”

Maybe you don’t have that damn house by now, because you’d be paying out of your A** for it and starve other areas of your life in the process (sorry, every so often my fiesty, side reveals itself, can’t help it.)

Maybe it would put you in the hole financially and draw a wedge between you and your loving partner.  Maybe your current home is closer to your kids school for emergency, maybe, maybe, maybe, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.  Maybe you’re already whole, happy and complete, without it?

Stay with me, I’m about to go deep for a moment…..

You see, the reason why you “Crave”, is that you desire “Wholeness”.

Your outer perception, tells you that by acquiring that which you desire, will make you feel complete.  It is this illusory, belief that divides and separates us within from our Spirit while it robs us of joy in the present.

We have forgotten our divinity which creates a restlessness, within that you just can’t put your finger on it, and so, to quench your thirst for completeness, you find yourself pursuing things outwardly in the material realm, to satisfy your wants.  Yet it is only by merging with Spirit however, that we feel whole, complete and restored.

This is why Meditation is so important, as it’s more than just chillaxing and manifesting stuff.  It empties the mind through silence to reconnect with your divinity, your “True Self”.

And when you couple it with a “mantra”, it has the power to transform your Mind altogether.  For instance, the “mantra” that I use is “Satnam”, which means “Truth is my Identity”.  My Teacher calls it the “Philosopher’s Stone” as it has the power to restore your memory of your True identity, eradicate the Ego and shatter the illusion of separation.

I once read Deepak Chopra suggesting that we ask “Who am I?” during meditation so that we could hear the truth about who we “Really Are”.  And I gotta’ tell you, the moment I asked the question in meditation, my Teacher appeared through mere synchronicity.

I did not have to seek him in any way, he just came to me.  The student was ready and so the Master appeared.  I was ready to allow the “Real Me” to emerge.

My friends we are living in a pretty, amazing time, where we have the divine opportunity, to “Self Realize” with velocity.  And those who have the courage to devote themselves to the journey inward, will make a greater, impact as a servant to Awaken the light of the world.

Now your turn.  Need Advice?  Does this content resonate with you in any way?

Is there something in your life that you Desire that you’ve found yourself attached to?

How does it make you feel?

Please feel free to share what you’re going through in the  Comment Box of the Blog and I’ll be sure to Reply.

Always remember, that what’s for you is for you.  And you wanna know something, you won’t have to sweat for it and if you do, you may wanna reconsider.


Abby xo






Expand your light with a cleaner, diet…

Expand your light with a cleaner diet

Before I delve into this topic, let me just say that I’m not a full, “Vegan” by any way stretch, shape or form nor am a certified, Nutritionist.  Might consider becoming a “Vegan” at some point, but not quite there yet.  For now, I enjoy chicken and fish thank you very much.  I also adore coffee (still working on conquering that vice).

This conversation is actually about my own personal, discovery on how the foods we eat affect our ability to expand our light, vibrancy and evolve as conscious beings.

So I meditate.  In fact, on a regular basis.  I do it, so I don’t feel like crap as per my Guru’s orders, to keep me grounded, centered to connect with my divinity and truth so I don’t get caught up in the hoopla of the world.  And I gotta’ tell you, I feel freakin’ fantastic when I meditate, but it wasn’t always that way I might add.

Like most, I have a story.

My story consisted of inner chaos, karmic patterns that I battled with (and still do), a literal warfare between my Ego and Spirit, with what was Real vs. Imagined or in other words, between illusion vs. Truth and so on, until I finally had a breakdown, which led to a breakthrough, a full blown, Spiritual Awakening in fact, that riveted through every cell of my being.

The result, I became more spiritually aware, psychically attuned, and conscious.  And with that, my knowledge of Self started to expand while I witnessed some of my old patterns, one of them being food; I began to heal.

What I discovered, was that the cleaner my vessel was, in other words, when I ate “clean”, my connection to Spirit was so much stronger.  And talk about downloading some pretty, profound stuff at all whacky hours of the night, cranking up your happiness metre while invoking an unexplainable, peace that surpasseth all understanding (while in the midst of adversity I might add).

When I fell off the wagon on occasion with my eating habits however, (cause I am human and all), I noticed the following: creative blocks, scatteredness, confusion, my energy tanking, an increase of negative thoughts and emotions, disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety, skin blemishes and the list goes on and on.

Sound familiar?  I’m sure some of you can relate.

You see, I’ve come to the following conclusion.

“When you eat crap, you feed the darkness within you.”

Furthermore, every time we indulge in foods that we know are not good for us, we worship deception and choose to live in illusions vs. the truth about what’s best for us, and in this case, our Mind, Body & Spirit.  I know, some pretty, heavy, stuff.

And, guess what?  It’s all connected – everything.  Our thoughts, our words, what we choose to eat, expose ourselves to, everything.  All of it, is indicative of our level of consciousness and the expansiveness of light within us.

I know, crazytown, right!?  But it’s true.

Please know that I’m not in any way suggesting that we’re “bad” people when we eat crap, no that would be rather “dualistic” of me, “self righteous” and uber “judgmental” as the dark often has it’s place to lead us to the light.

What I’m implying rather, is that if we truly want to make a difference, we must first become a beacon of light and be the change.  And being the change in the case of food and consciousness, will require discipline, committment to well being as we feed our soul with the foods that light us up.

It will take practice my friends, but worth the effort as the world requires our presence to illuminate the atmosphere.

Are you in? Who’s with me?

Lightworkers rise up.  The time is now.  Lead from within, expand your light, Ascend.

Now your turn.  Vibing with this content or Need Advice?

Please feel free to share what you’re going through lovely.  Leave your heartfelt, Comments in the Blog and I’ll be sure to Reply.

Shine on my friends!


Abby xo





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