Why Comparison Insults Your Soul.

Comparison hurts

I wish I could be like…
I wish I could have what they have.
Why can’t my life be like…

As we press our noses up against the window and watch our heroes/heroine’s shine in their glory, the seed of comparison festers until it becomes full blown envy.

Little do we know what it takes to actually be that person whose life we want. Truth be known though, many wonderful people sit back in utter admiration, and feel like a loser behind the scenes.

What is it with our fixation of celebritizing people for their achievements?

We really haven’t got a clue what another person’s life is all about behind the scenes, nor their dharma (life’s purpose), or the level of dedication and sacrifice it takes to be who they are.

We are so dazzled by their accomplishments, we idolize them. Then we tear them down when they make a mistake, as any human being does.

We judge, make assumptions, point the finger when they are doing the very best they can.

Do you know that whatever we see in another, is a mirror reflection of what we see in ourselves?

If there is someone that you see admirable qualities in, it is those same qualities that are within you, or the unrealized potential that you have yet to discover.

We are one divine mind, and when we awaken to this, no longer will we need to look externally for our power. We will walk knowing that we already are it; we need only polish our lens to see it.

Authentic power comes from within, it is not found in others externally.

When we compare ourselves with others, or compete and seek to acquire power externally, it is a sign that we are not comfortable in our own being. We don’t acknowledge the power within us.

Our outer perception will then tell us that we must acquire and become an identity in order to feel whole, worthy and complete.

Comparison insults your soul, your divine blueprint and makes you small, limited and powerless.

When you know the truth of who you are, your confidence will soar and you will be secure with yourself.

If you are inspired by someone’s achievements, it is meant to light a spark within you to be all that you can be. It will allow you to use your divine gifts by honouring your soul’s contract. Use your truth to unleash your own greatness.

It is a subtle call whispering to your soul to rise, shine, get moving. Awaken that sleeping cell of genius to jump out, express, serve, and flourish into the person that you truly are.

There is a higher level of perception that sees the good in oneself and in all things where there is no contrast, comparison, judgement or dual mindedness. This perception is based on love that transcends all things and sees things for what they truly are; that we are one with all things, all beings, and all of existence.

And so that person that you admire, is mirroring part of you, darling.

Thus there’s no need to compare when you realize that we are one.

Final thought:
It’s ok to admire someone, but follow your own dharma, let your inner compass be your guide for that is where we experience the highest fulfillment, by honouring our soul.

Stay true to who you are.

With love,

Abby xo





Get Off The Treadmill Of Life And Slow Down.

Slow down a little

I’ve got a confession to make.

I recently had a bout of extreme exhaustion due to long hours, keeping up with deadlines, and working on a few projects all while in the midst of change.

Sound familiar?

As I looked at my mile long ‘To Do’ list and calendar in my office, one day it occurred to me, that I had to put my own advice into practice, listen to what my body was telling me, allow myself to have some downtime (phone off kinda downtime), and restore my energy.

Self-care is so important.

Sometimes we’re so immersed in keeping up with our work, life demands, being a good friend, parent, partner, etc. that we forget that we need to get off of the treadmill of life on occasion, and slow down.

This has been a summer of hard work, of which I’m grateful for, but moving forward I’ve decided to take it easy a little, and nurture myself over the rest of the summer.

I’m a go-hard kinda person, and truth be known I love to work (not in a workaholic kind of way either), but I enjoy being productive.

There’s something beautiful about consistency and keeping momentum.

It’s like running a marathon, pacing yourself to the goal, while refining each step in the process along the way.

And yet sometimes we must push, and other times we must fall back.

This was one of those times, after deeper reflection, that I got caught up with the ‘doing’ and less with ‘being’, and the result is exhaustion.

When we’re in ‘being’ mode, there’s no pushing; things fall together, we’re more balanced within, and aligned with the cosmos. Thus we fall into a natural state of grace and flow.

‘Doing’ mode is when we’re living too much in the future, thus we push. We put more on our plate, and it takes a toll on us, and it depletes our energy in the process.

And while both are necessary, we must find that delicate balance and dance between making it happen, and allowing things to happen.

Sometimes our ‘busy-ness’ forms a distraction that drowns out and blocks our inner voice that is whispering that we need to nurture ourselves.

The irony of it all is that when we stop altogether, we get more done.

I learned this valuable lesson when I started out in the Executive Search business where I’d be working on a deal to meet monthly targets. But the more I pushed, the more resistance I experienced.

I can recall getting frustrated because I kept focusing on hitting the future target, that I was blinded to all of the signs in front of me that were telling me to fall back for a bit, and don’t force the deal.

And you wanna know something?

The moment I detached myself from the outcome and took a step back, the deal came together.

Sometimes the life lesson is to let go of attachments and allow things to unfold the way they will.

Final thought:  It’s ok to work diligently towards your goal (whatever that may be), but every so often, it’s good to check in with yourself and fall back a bit and allow the Universe to do it’s thing.

Over to you:  Have you ever experienced being mentally and physically exhausted?  And if so, what did you do to replenish yourself?

Or, need advice?

I’d love to hear from you!

Please feel free to share your heartfelt comments with the rest of the community on the blog, and I’ll be sure to reply.

With love,

Abby xo








Why ‘Faking It To Make It’, Hurts More Than Heals.

Faking it to make it

Sizzling ambition is a wonderful quality to have.

It is our desire and drive that helps us flourish into the magnificent person that we were created to be. However, using our divine gifts and talents comes as a process that requires a great deal of patience, flexibility and planning.

It is the vision that pulls us forward and keeps us committed to our goals, and projecting success as if it were, alchemizes our dreams to come to pass.

Yet often times the reality of where we are in the now contradicts the bright future that we’ve imprinted in our minds, and this can be very difficult to accept.

Some have adopted the philosophy of developing a “Fake it ’til You Make it” persona, and I believe that this approach hurts more than it heals.

If you truly want to live a fulfilling life, filled with inner peace, love & joy, you’ve gotta be true to thyself and to the world.  If not, you will live a life of anxiety, inner turmoil & disharmony within and it will rob you of experiencing the richness of life. You’ll always be trying to keep up with the Joneses.

The truth of the matter is, the world doesn’t want a carbon copy or impersonation of you.

What it needs is the real you to emerge, be present, and to show us what you’ve got with your gifts.

Now I do believe that we must become what we aspire to be in our minds first, before it manifests. However, that doesn’t mean that you go rack up your credit cards at Holt Renfrew when you can’t afford it in the name of becoming the person you are meant to be.

What it does mean, rather, is to keep the vision of your ‘future self’ in your mind, but create a step by step plan in the now, and shop at Walmart until you can afford the better stuff. (For the record, I love Walmart!)

There’s nothing wrong with desiring wealth in your life.

I believe that the Creator-of-all-things longs to give us the desires of our heart and make our stay here on earth in the material realm a luxurious and comfortable one.

And why not?

Money is not bad. I repeat, money is not bad. It is a beautiful tool that can be used to create massive impact and a sense of contribution.

Financial prosperity comes with a sound plan in place first. Unless you inherit some money from your great, great Aunt who passed on.

But if you’re anything like me, who started from the bottom, that means working hard and being prudent with your spending habits. Having learned that the hard way by spending money on stupid stuff!

Let’s shift and talk about intention for a moment.

I want you to answer this question, quietly to yourself; What is the real reason that you desire wealth? I want you to really think about this for a moment. The answer to this question, if you’re honest with yourself, unlocks the reason why you may feel compelled sometimes to embellish your image or bank account to the world.

Do you yearn for validation and acceptance?  Is it a means to run away from your childhood of struggle or poverty?  Do you feel that having wealth enhances your image to the world, or do you believe that it will make your life comfortable, along with your loved ones?

You see, your why will unearth your truth. And once you face your truth, you will free yourself of a lot of inner turmoil, energetically, by uncovering your authentic self to the world.

There is nothing wrong to aspire for more in life, as we are infinite in nature, but inner peace emerges when what we present on the outside is congruent with who we are on the inside.

In the end, true joy rises when we are happy with what we see in the mirror, when we love our true selves, flaws and all.

You do not have to acquire wealth to prove that you are worthy. You are enough and eternally loved by the Universe.

Make a commitment to yourself today to love and accept where you are in the now.

Live simply, and I guarantee with discipline, patience and hard work, you’ll get there.

Much love,

Abby xo






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