Emotions: A Deeper Understanding Of Ourselves.

Emotional triggers

I used to stifle my emotions, and I was quite good at it.

My automatic response when someone asked how I was doing (when I clearly wasn’t doing well) was, “I’m ok, really I am.”

In fact, I got so good at holding it together in a crisis, without breaking down, that it actually helped me thrive in business and overall in my life.

I was taught to believe that expressing my emotions was a sign of weakness, so I intellectualized what I felt. I put on my reasoning cap, became overly diplomatic and sacrificial in expressing what I truly felt, and this created layers of blockages.

My mind took over, but my heart was screaming for my love, nurturing, and attention.

It wasn’t until I crossed paths with an incredible Life Coach a few years back that brought this mind-centred way of thinking to my attention, and helped me to release all of the pent up energy that manifested itself in my body. Behold, the floodgates opened like no other while I purged all of the sadness and anger that I held deep within.

This was a pivotal point in my journey because my life started to take off in a more authentic way; a way where I no longer had to fear revealing my vulnerability; a way that I could tap into my power and strength by embracing all of me.

While I believe that there is a wisdom in not allowing ourselves to become a slave to our emotions, I also believe that we do more harm by not expressing them, or worse, suppressing them.

Your emotions are the triggers that let you know something is out of harmony within, something that needs to be brought to the forefront for healing.

When you suppress your emotions, it inevitably creates barriers and blockages in your heart.

You avoid facing your truth.

By not expressing your emotions, you bear the risk of becoming desensitized, less compassionate, and less empathetic. How you treat yourself internally will reflect your actions outwardly.

And, the things that you resist, persist.

Try and think about these questions for a moment:

  • How can you build healthy, authentic relationships in your life without expressing your emotions?
  • How can you grow closer to someone by living behind a mask? 
  • How can you teach your children to become whole people by not allowing them to witness your emotions? 
  • How can you be a relatable leader in your life when you don’t reveal your true self?

I can recall an incident during President Obama’s campaigning for office, when his grandmother passed away in the middle of his speech. He openly wept, and displayed his mourning for the whole world to see.

I found this so touching, inspiring, and exemplary; that we are all human, and that it’s okay to express what you feel.

And while there will always be moments in life where you can’t let it all hang out, I think it’s time to learn how to embrace the entire spectrum of emotions, even sadness, anger, etc.

You must feel these emotions, witness them, allow them to flow through you. However, don’t allow them to take root, for they are only transient and are there to make you more aware of what needs to be healed.

I believe that the more in tune you become with your emotions, the more you open the door to a greater understanding of yourself.

By doing so, we will all live more powerfully and authentically in the space of our higher self.

Over to you:  Do you have a difficult time expressing your emotions?  What is it that keeps you from expressing them?

Or, need advice?

Please feel free to share your heartfelt thoughts and comments on the blog with the rest of the community and I’ll be sure to Reply.

Cheers to having the occasional meltdown.

It really is okay.

With love,

Abby xo

Learning To Accept Our Wholeness.

I think you are awesome

You are me and I am you; therefore what you see in me is what you see in you, and that’s simply magical.

If you can grasp this, you’ll never point the finger at another again. Becoming more aware of the lens through which you view all beings, and you can identify what needs to be healed within yourself.

“I think you’re selfish; therefore I am.”

“I think you’re awesome; therefore I am.”

Whatever we draw our attention to is also reflecting what lies within.

Focus and see the light in others and you are seeing the light in yourself.  Likewise, see the darkness or flaws in others, and you’ll see the darkness and flaws within yourself.

Like the person that you are, you’ll like the person that they are too.

Everyone is reflecting part of who you are; and by awakening to this, you can begin to shatter the illusion of separation.

Want to learn more about your shadow self? Examine what triggers you in someone else and voilà, there you have it.

To know oneself is the greatest gift because that’s when you can begin to embrace your wholeness.

By merging the dark and the light within yourself, by loving all of who you are, you’re able to love everyone else more deeply.

The key to living more harmoniously with others is acceptance of yourself. 

Y’know, because a friendly outer world starts with a friendly inner world.

If you feel beautiful or abundant within, you’ll only see the beauty and opportunities around yourself.

If you’ve got a sense of humour, you can begin laughing at yourself as your eyes start to open. You’ll also ease up on being so critical of others, because you’ll be easing up on being critical of yourself.

You could also bless those who curse you, because you will be more compassionate, and in your heart, can pray for their perception to be renewed.

Spiritual Teacher Byron Katie, describes this beautifully:

The whole world is my story, projected back to me on the screen of my own perception.

The people in your life who hurt you, or disappoint you, have been sent to take your pain away from you. They have been sent for you to heal and accept your shadow self, so that you can fill yourself up with love.

When you come to this realization, everyone can then become your teacher, and you become the student of yourself by what manifests itself in your outer world.

Feeling confused or chaotic within, you’re outer world will reflect the same.

Feeling joyful and happy within, your outer world will reflect to bring you happier experiences.

Final thought:
We are all a work in progress, but the first step to change is becoming more aware of yourself, so that you can become a beacon of light to help others see their way through.

With love,

Abby xo




Meditate To Feel Good, Clear, & Full Of Creativity


When I was a teenager, my friends would often catch me daydreaming, while I put my hand in a mudra pose without even realizing it because it came so natural to me.

Little did I know at the time that I was meditating. It wasn’t until later in my life that I realized what I was actually doing.

My spirit was already familiar with the practice of meditation, yet over the years as I immersed myself in my busy life, I heard about others raving about it.

All this talk of meditation though, made me think of it as mystical, lazy, and unproductive.

Boy was I ever wrong!

For the past 2 years I have implemented a daily meditation practice in the early mornings, and sometimes even in the evenings.

I was also graced with the presence of a spiritual teacher by mere synchronicity (or fate perhaps), who taught me for months how to still my mind using a mantra. By single-mindedly focusing on this mantra, I was able to achieve clarity, peace of mind, and moments of union with all things.

I am eternally grateful and blessed to have experienced such guidance as it changed the trajectory of my life, quite literally.

It also activated an inner knowing within me to write profusely (and effortlessly, I might add), a talent that I hadn’t even realized that I had.

While complete silence of the mind may appear to be impossible to many, there have been a few fleeting moments where I have experienced this, and it’s been complete bliss.

Not to mention the sense of awareness, presence, and the expansion of consciousness that I tapped tap into like you’re merging with everything.

It’s pretty cool stuff.

The results have been miraculous to say the least, and now I simply cannot function without meditating.

Yes, I’ve become a meditation junkie, and I’m proud of it.

When you meditate, you are emptying your mind, and you are literally rewiring your brain cells. You are healing the unconscious karmic thought patterns that are getting in the way of your evolution. 

Everything from your past comes to the surface, whether it be unresolved issues, or things that need to be confronted.

Examining your past can be painful to face, but with courage, love, and a whole lot of forgiveness, this pain can be released. This can allow new thought patterns to emerge in line with the life that you want; filled with more peace, joy, and tranquility.

I like to think of meditation as a mental cleanse. It purifies our thoughts to align with a higher truth so that we can see with it, and ultimately be the light of this truth.

Meditation has the power to transform your mind, help you to reconnect with your divinity, and ultimately awaken you to who you really are.

It can help you peel away the layers of fictional identities that have been created through the ego. and give you a fresh new lens minus our deep rooted paradigms that are often short sighted, linear, fear-based, and so limited.

The deep-rooted stories that you tell yourself, the paradigms that are often short-sighted and fear-based no longer become reinforced by the mind who becomes more aware. Stress and anxiety diminish, and a greater truth begins to emerge and partner with us, to teach us, and guide us to greater happiness, with ultimately more harmony.

With meditation, your creativity also grows off the charts, and solutions emerge with ease and grace.

While I don’t suggest you resist your thoughts (as they will continue to surface throughout your meditation, regardless), I encourage you to become more aware of them, observe them as they float by in your mind and allow them to pass through you without any judgement; just pure awareness.

When you do this, you’ll discover that the quiet, still, self-assured person doing all the observing is actually the real you witnessing your smaller self having a momentary experience.

In truth, meditation may not be for everyone. However, for those of you who are committed to making a real change in your life, and are willing to try implementing a daily practice starting from even 10-20 minutes a day, get ready to transform your life.

Now over to you?  Do you meditate daily?  I’d love to hear more about some of the benefits that you’ve experienced.

OR, need advice?

Do share your heartfelt thoughts and comments about it on the blog with the community and I’ll be sure to Reply.

Cheers to feeling good!


Abby xo



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