Radical Acceptance: The First Step For Change.

Radical Acceptance

There are certain game-changing moments in your life when someone shares something so profound with you that it becomes deeply embedded into your subconscious mind. It changes you forever.

I experienced one of those moments when I spent time with my Guru, a few years back. He shared the following with me, and I’ll never be the same.

“Wherever you go in life Abby, always do truth, be truth, live in truth, and you will be protected by the four corners of the earth where grace shall overflow in your life.”

It is those very words that always pops up in my mind whenever I need to make a decision.

I think about them before I speak, and before I act. I know that anytime I stray away from my core, my truth, I can always return back to love, for I am forever loved, and so are you.

Take a moment to reflect on the times where life was overly challenging.

The times that tested you to your core.

The times that brought you down to your knees.

Then I want you to ask yourself these questions, (it will take courage if you’re being honest with yourself).

“What is my truth and when did I fall out of alignment with it?”

  • Was your business struggling because you weren’t focused enough?
  • Did you give up on exercising because you allegedly don’t have enough time?
  • Have you given in to unhealthy eating because it was just plain easier? 
  • Did you fall into a rut where it was all work and no play?
  • Did you pay attention to the red flags?
  • Have you been authentic in your relationships and friendships?

These questions are not meant to condemn you in any way. This isn’t about judgment, I’ve had to face these questions too in my life.

It can be easy to lose track of what’s important in your life when you’re living on autopilot.

These questions are meant to help you see where you may have fallen out of alignment with your heart, so that you can lovingly bring yourself back into your truth.

I love this quote by Krishna ji, it totally resonates with my heart.

“The one path to true joy, is looking at the truth.”

Loving ‘what is’ is a beautiful and empowering space to be in.

It is the ultimate declaration of faith in the Universe and trusting completely in its divine organizing mechanisms. It is the recognition of the divine in all things and treating all experiences as sacred.

It’s standing in your power and taking full and ultimate responsibility for the choices that you have made with acceptance, knowing that by moving forward, you can choose again.

It is living with the wisdom and understanding that there is always something greater unfolding.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t change something that is undesirable though!

It just means that you face the truth of your circumstance with loving acceptance and grace.

In this, I am beginning to see that life really is simple, the more simple that I make it.

The more you stay attuned to your core and your heart, the more you’ll stay in alignment with your truth.

Remaining present and mindful to ‘what is’, is vital to your well being, takes a whole lot of inner strength, and could change everything for you.

Your life is your life, and yours alone.

Mindful living is radical, and it can be tough. However, it can also be gloriously soul-affirming to keep you true to who you are.

And, the greatest gift that you can offer this world is to be in harmony with yourself!

To Truth,

Abby xo


The Need To Be Right Could Be Hurting You.

Forgiveness is freedom

Sometimes, life can seem pretty tough.

The golden opportunity that you thought was a level up, didn’t quite work out; the beautiful relationship that you thought would last a lifetime didn’t etc.

These things happen, change is certain, in fact, none of us are absolved from curve balls in life however, we can choose to see things differently.

You have a choice to see through the lens of love or fear.

When you look through the lens of love, everything is happening for your highest good.

And through the lens of fear, that you are a victim.

Bitterness hurts, my friends. 

It creates a negative vortex around you that puts a sign on your forehead for the Universe that says, “I want more problems.”

Plus, it’s a heavy energy to carry, which is not an empowering way to live.

On the other hand, love heals and can trigger what needs to be brought to the surface for examination.

Love sees the whole picture, and views every challenging situation as a divine lesson with greater meaning. It molds you, pruning and refining you into the magnificent person that you really are.

Loves forces you to ask, “What can I learn from this experience? In what way can I learn more about myself based on my reaction?”

There is always a shared accountability in every encounter or experience that you have.

By taking responsibility for your part in the experience, you shift from being the victim, to being empowered.

Nothing can be accomplished with a heart that is closed off.

This perpetuates suffering and spreads density within.

An open heart, on the other hand, creates space for everything beautiful to unfold in your life.

No one is exempt from crappy situations.

Ask yourself these questions when you find yourself holding onto a grievance in your heart:

1)   What value do I get by holding onto this offence?

It’s really twisted, but somehow we feed into the belief that pain adds value in our lives. Or that by holding onto a grudge, it is revengeful. But this only hurts ourselves in the end. When you love yourself, why on earth would you want to hang onto that pain?

2)   What would love do in this situation?

Ask yourself what would love do? Does love punish? Is it full of revenge? Only fear wants to do all of the above because fear interprets itself as being under attack whereas love sees itself as always safe and protected.

3)   Am I getting what I want?

Most of us have hidden desires of the heart; we’re only human, after all. So ask yourself if the grievance is getting in the way of the life you want to live. You’ll find with deeper reflection that it is in some way as it keeps you shackled in your past, leaving no room for new experiences to come in.

Every single person is worthy of a beautiful, fulfilling life.

However, it starts with having an open heart and the willingness to learn and see things differently.

Cheers to joy, lightness, and freedom!

All love,

Abby xo

Moving Past Blame and Judgement.

Blame and JudgementWith the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and all of the grief that has come with it, not to mention the state of current affairs in general, now is the perfect time to foster your own inner sanctuary. It’s time to look to the light with resilience, resolve and purpose.

The world can seem grossly imbalanced, which leads to feelings of mass insecurity and intense fear. This, in turn, reverts us back to old survival patterns of fight or flight mentality.

The natural repercussion for this imbalance is a collective feeling of distrust for ourselves, and distrust of others. The misguided fear and suspicion fabricated by the mask of the ego as a defence mechanism can be very debilitating to the spirit.

In many regards, it has left everyone feeling the need to blame someone for the mess.

I felt the need to bring this collective issue of distrust to the forefront, that by recognizing it, we can bring healing to our hearts by polishing the lens of our perception.

The secret to alleviating your pain and fostering more inner peace during these tumultuous times is by letting go of blame and judgement, and by treating all life as sacred.

When you judge other people, you literally attack the cells in your body, which leads to pain in your own life, and the lives of others, since we are all connected energetically.

This is the first, if not, one of the most profound spiritual, life lessons that I have learned, as one of the main causes of suffering.

By recognizing this fearful pattern and the place it is coming from, you can lovingly shift your frequency back to love.

When you focus on the light in others, it will in turn expand the light within yourself.

From this place you can create an inner space of calm, love, and grace which will send a ripple effect into the Universe.

You can unlearn this self-destructive, karmic, habit by simply forgiving each thought as it arises and you’ll find with time, you will feel a sense of peace come over your entire being.

When you feel at peace within yourself you will naturally trust yourself, irrespective of the chaos around you. You will be rooted in your power because you will have a deep inner knowing that you are in fact, connected to all things.

You are loved, guided, and supported and nothing, no person or being, is apart from you.

At this level of personal responsibility for the energy that you bring to the world, you will come to see that when there is no enemy within, there is no enemy without.

Living with this awareness can profoundly change how you experience your life and the world around you.

Please note that we are not turning a blind eye to the outer turmoil that’s happening in the world, but rather course-correcting the future that you wish to create by taking back your power and remembering who you are.

Let’s use this divine assignment as an opportunity to heal and transcend our old fearful patterns that are no longer serving our evolution.

I hope this message empowers you to choose how you respond to life and create the reality you wish to see.

Onwards to the light.

All love,

Abby xo


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