If it doesn’t light your fire – Quit!…


I was inspired to write this article after reading a blog written by the incomparable, Brendon BurchardI just love this guy!  He’s all heart, scary smart and oozes wisdom.

We share the same philosophy, and that is, if it doesn’t light your fire – Quit!  Ya’ you heard right.  Yes quitting my dear friends, in some instances, is not such a bad idea after all.

This may sound counter intuitive to what we’ve been taught to believe about “Never giving up”, but sometimes, it’s more about listening to a higher wisdom within you, rather than continue on the wrong path and listen to the good opinion of your compadres.

Sometimes it’s about choosing a path that’s more heart centered and unpopular or leaving that long term relationship or friendship for that matter that’s toxic, superficial and not feeding your Soul.

Sometimes, it’s about leading your life from within.

Yes, insanity is sticking with something, someone or a strategy that’s just not working.  It’s a misappropriation of your precious energy, efforts and time and it will suck the very life force out of you, stunt your growth and quite frankly, make you miserable.

And, there is nothing virtuous or heroic, in compromising or stifling your True essence, calling or purpose to live in an illusion.

It reminds me of when I took a position, earlier in my career, wayback, playback, in the Financial Services industry straight out of University.  I took a job as a Trading assistant working on the Money Market and Equity trading desk.

Truth be known, I’ve never been a numbers person, and I can recall registering for the Canadian Securities course, opening the first page to study, glancing at the graph before me, while my head wanted to explode – it just wasn’t my thing.

Yet I stuck it out being the determined, sometimes, stubborn, person that I am to the point of allowing myself to suffer – quitting was not an option.  I’m a communicator and a creative spirit at heart, who happens to love strategy, but just couldn’t thrive and shine in such an environment.

One day my boss at the time, conducted one of her performance reviews and said that while I was efficient at work, she felt that I was better suited in Human Resources, Sales or Marketing and get this, she said she saw me running my own business.

I took offense to what she said, refused to listen to the whisper, rebelled and applied to the competition, went on a painstakingly, looong, 2 month interview process, got the job, got a salary increase (Whoo hoo), and then got fired a week after by the Vice President saying:

We really like you Abby and it really hurts me to tell you this, but I have to let you go, because it’s just not the right fit.

Yes the proverbial, brick house, landed on my head because I didn’t take heed to the signs - I was going in the wrong direction.

A few months later, broke, busted, and unemployed, lo and behold, I joined an Executive Search company.  I guess my previous boss had a point after all, huh?

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to let go of the things that are not making you feel good and redirect your energy to something that IS, yet highly rewarding and one of the most truthful acts of affection and self love that you could possibly do for yourself.

You see, at the core of our being, we all have natural gifts and talents that we long to contribute to the world in some way or another.  However, sometimes we repress these gifts by overdosing on Logic, instead of being led by our highest truth.

And it is only by operating in the space of our natural talents, and our authentic selves, that we truly shine, succeed and liberate others to do the same.

So, here’s my final thought.  If you are currently in a career that’s zapping your vibrancy, it’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself.  Sometimes all it takes is to face your truth which sets the Universe in motion to create space for an opportunity to arrive better suited to your giftings.

You’ve tried logic and it hasn’t worked, maybe it’s time to give your intuition a chance?

Trust me, you’ll be thankful you did. :)

Now your turn.  Are you currently frustrated, beyond comprehension in your current career?  And if so, what truly makes your heart sing?

Need Advice?  I’d love to hear from you!

Please feel free to share what you’re going through in the Comment section of the Blog and I’ll be sure to Reply.

Cheers to knowing when to hold em’ and knowing when to fold em’. :)

Happy quitting!

With love,

Abby xo



When new becomes all new “Everything”…

Overwhelmed womanEver have so many changes happening, all at the same time, all new, unfamiliar, in all areas of your life, like in all new “Everything” Whirlwind comes to mind, doesn’t it!?

Uncomfortable anyone?

I’m sure some you can relate, I sure can.  So many changes that you can’t even think of a routine, nor plan or commit for the next week or month for that matter until things even itself out.

That ritual morning coffee run with your friend, filled with deep, soulful, conversation about life and loads of laughter that you once loved, get’s intercepted by a rather, swift intervention and shift in plans.

Just when you have grown accustomed to attending your favourite, Kundalini yoga class, you move out yonder and it’s no longer convenient.  New career, new relationship, new friends, new neighbourhood, new spiritual practice, new baby, new smartphone, here’s one for you “New passwords”, (I don’t know about you, but that drives me crazy by the way) “Geez, it’s enough to send your head spinning, huh.”

You’ll find that when change is upon you, everything takes extra effort, has to be well thought out, remembered, rehearsed, reviewed so much so, that by the end of the day you’re completely zonked.

Yes, change can be rather uncomfortable, but is a sign from the Universe that it’s time to move on, grow and evolve, thus your environment follows suit to match your inner growth.

And really, you made an appointment with yourself unconsciously, you just don’t realize it.

Here’s the thing – routine is a beautiful thing. 

It’s grounding, it’s rather responsible, it keeps us accountable while it keeps our integrity in tact, but it can also become a drag and suck the sparkle, swagg and the very life force out of you, if we don’t spice it up with some spontaneity once in a while.

How can you discover the “undiscoverables” within you, if you keep doing the same ole’ thing, over and over again?  Your brain will become mush and you won’t have any new, interesting, conversation pieces to talk about at parties other than “Uhhh, I’m busy working”.

This is why we need a swift, divine, “Pattern intercept” to add some colour and meaning to our lives, to ultimately expand our consciousness and reconnect us with our True essence.

Do not be mistaken however, there is no such thing as a “graceful” transition (ya’ right).  Truth be known, change can be rather painful as we let go of the old to bring in the new.  Yes, the human thing is to resist at first to the point of being dragged, kicking and screaming, whether we like it or not, to get out of our box of boring, monotony.

But have no fear, as each day goes by, as each step you take into the unknown, it becomes a little easier, the light becomes bigger, you become more wiser.  All of a sudden you’re kinda’ digging the new route you’re taking into work that day, you feel lighter, de-cluttered, more radiant, restful and energized.

You discover new talents within yourself, new ways of being, new rituals, new linens, new design and before you know it, you’re kinda’ liking the “New You”.

Yes change is good.  It may not feel that way at first, but with a little patience, faith and open heartedness, you set the wheels in motion for a new chapter filled with new experiences.

Cheers to inner peace, a clean slate, and new beginnings my friends.  Your future is so bright and luminous.

Shine on brave soul, your new life awaits!

Peace & love,

Abby xo







Got “Woo woo” tendencies? I feel you…

Free girl

I’m a little “Woo woo” and proud of it.  I believe in Angels, Spirit Guides, messages from Above & Beyond and I’m not ashamed of it.  There I said it.

And wanna know something?

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I spent too many years stifling my spiritual gifts, covering them up with “Logic” and it created such an inner struggle between what I saw in my Spirit versus what was visible in reality.

In fact, I can remember early on as a child that I had abilities but was afraid to tell anyone for fear of them believing that I’m a complete “Whacko”.

And guess what? 

It’s perfectly normal.  Seriously!

I believe that we tend to “Over-Mysticize” the spiritual realm so much so to the point of depriving ourselves of acquiring it’s infinite wisdom that could make our lives a whole lot easier quite frankly.

We’re so busy glorifying the physical, material realm and not acknowledging and giving any love to the spiritual realm when we’re actually one with it.  This linear, false perception of separation creates so much angst and unfulfillment; been there, done that!

It also contributes to us “playing small” and buying into the notion that we are alone and “Insignificant”, like we’re merely a speck of dust without meaning, when the entire Universe is within us.  And once this Illusion permeates our being, we form a “Limited” mindset, bury our heads in the sand and become the proverbial “Wallflower”, living vicariously through the lives of others and idolizing those that live life to the fullest.

Well, change is before us in case you haven’t noticed, an Awakening has occurred merging us into a higher, dimensional frequency which has wreaked a lot of havoc, heartache & resistance with those who have grown accustomed to living in a lower frequency, trapped in their old belief systems and Illusions.

What we don’t realize, is that we’ve been given a second chance, a “lifeline”, to no longer walk through life pushing with the “Me against the World” mentality, creating inner anguish, feelings of aloneness, suffering, sadness and pain.

Yes my friends, we’ve been blessed with an opportunity to transform with velocity I might add, to actually get things “Right” to inherit the promises in our life.  And the beauty of it all, is we don’t have to work so hard as we have in the past, we just have to “Be” our True selves, honor our truth and walk in love & gratitude for the life we’ve been given.

And through our own inner transformation, we become a beacon of light, to serve and inspire those to tap into their own inner greatness thus creating change in the world.

Beautiful isn’t it?!

And so on my own journey, I’ve discovered that being a little “Woo woo” isn’t so bad after all.  In fact, I now celebrate it, embrace it and fully allow the “Real Me” to emerge.

To all of my fellow, truth seekers, if you’re feeling this message and can relate, join in on the celebration with me by sharing with your friends.

I’d also love to hear about your “Woo woo” tendencies, do share in the Comments section of the blog below and I’ll be sure to Reply.

I’d love to hear from you!

Much love,

Abby xo

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