5 Steps To Foster Emotional Resilience.

Emotional resilience

How often do you feel the push, pull in your lives?

Probably all the time, we all do.

Maybe you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning, you’ve had an argument with your spouse, you didn’t get the promotion you had hoped for, or whatever the reason – we all have moments where we experience the occasional setbacks in life.

Life happens.

The reality is, life is going to have its ups and downs – we’re human. Stuff comes up, situations happen beyond our control, plans get derailed on occasion, and that’s just the way it is.

For this reason, it is important to stay grounded so as to not fall into the loop of an emotional rollercoaster that can lead one on a downward spiral if we don’t conjure up the courage, confidence, and werewithal to pull up our bootstraps, put things in perspective and keep on, keeping on.

This is why I believe that ‘Emotional Resilience’ is a life skill that requires nurturing as we navigate life.

Here are 5 simple Tips to fostering ‘Emotional Resilience’ in your life:

1)     Relish in the simple things.

I’m a lover of simplicity, and always have been.

What are some of the simple things that bring you joy?

Is it taking a walk in nature? Writing, painting, or enjoying a nice dinner with the ones you love?  Whatever it may be, find absolute pleasure in the things that bring you joy, and make time for them everyday. This can create a sustainable emotional state of being, the simpler the better.

2)  Be mindful of your self talk

Excessive self criticism or criticism of others can really affect the health of your emotional state of being when not managed.

Speaking negatively about yourself or others depletes your energy, and only serves to bring more negativity into your life and throws you out of alignment of the Universal energy of love and oneness.

We are living in a time where the level of manifestation of thought is so fast with respect to the Universal law of cause and effect. Thoughts that would take years to manifest are now ricocheting into form in days.  Speak up and you’ll go up, you’ll not only feel better about yourself, but you’ll draw more positivity into your life as well.

3)    Maintain a daily spiritual practice.

Let me premise this by saying that a spiritual practice does not have to be religious in nature.

A daily, spiritual practice involves any activity that brings you into a calm, meditative state. This can happen by simply walking in nature while taking long, deep breaths, prayer, meditation, listening to your favourite music, yoga to name a few.

It is any activity that keeps you in sync with the Universal energy of love and oneness and the core of your being.

Consistency in your practice can make a world of a difference to fostering a healthy, emotional state of being.  Meditation has the power to heal subconscious patterns that create regular emotional upsets in order to restore balance.

4)    Make ‘thank you’ your daily mantra.

A thankful heart will always position itself to receive more.

Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to shift your state from lacking to abundant.  A daily gratitude log is a great tool to remind yourself to appreciate what you have, and spins your focus in a positive way. This can help ease the weight of your fears and anxieties.

5)    Service heals.

Service works wonders.

This doesn’t have to be monetary in nature either, it can simply be spending time with your family or a friend who needs encouragement. Focus on helping someone else or even volunteering your time so that you can take your mind off of yourself and your problems. The results are miraculous, watch how fast your mood changes and you’ll see that things aren’t really bad after all.

Always remember that everything is temporary.

Keep up!

As always, I’d love to hear from you!

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Peace, love and light.

All love,

Abby xo

How To Become Agile, When Plans Change.


Plans.  We all have them don’t we?

We plan a perfect, portrait of how our lives should look.

All these plans are well-intentioned, purposeful, well thought out, positive, and hopeful in most instances.

We all want to be happy, loved, prosper and thrive in our lives.

But what happens when your plans get intercepted?

It can really throw you out of balance and lose your footing altogether without having perspective.

Hence the reason I believe that the ability to be agile, is a life skill to be nurtured and developed, especially during the times we are living in, in order to navigate the twists and turns of the current Universal changes.

Sometimes we become ‘Over-vigilant’ in determining the “How” which blocks our ability to be led by a higher power greater than our own.

Harnessing your ability to tune into your inner guidance by feeling more than thinking, is a handy spiritual tool that can make all the difference when making decisions in order to remain in alignment.

By surrendering our plans as an offering to be perceived through the lens of a greater truth, we access a wisdom beyond our limited perception.

For a change of plans can really just be a sign of grace in action. 

The Universe working for you, not against you.

A divine re-calibration of some sort by the Universe that says “This way, I’ve got a better plan.”

Our faith in this instance is often tested, to see if we believe in the higher wisdom of the Universe and it’s organizing methods.

When we understand this core, fundamental principle that the Universe will always course correct in order to maintain balance, purpose and oneness, we begin to invite more harmony, grace and ease in our lives with less resistance.

This can be quite perplexing to the logical mind, as it lives in judgement which can often throw us out of the flow of our lives.

However, if we strengthen our faith muscles, the path is often revealed to us.

I hope this message empowers you to have faith, plan, but leave a little wiggle room for divine grace and wisdom.

For the Universe is always working for you!

As always, I’d love to hear from you!

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All love,

Abby xo

How To Use Our Words As A Conscious Creator.

Empowered woman

We’re here…Happy 2018!

One of the things I just love about entering a New Year is that fresh, feeling of a clean slate.

It’s invigorating, inspiring and presents an opportunity for us all to create and innovate!

And creativity by the way, is something that is renewable and infinite.  It’s also worth noting that creativity is not just confined to artistic pursuits, creativity is also having the capacity to be resourceful.

We’ve celebrated, reflected, learned the lessons and now it’s time to implement.

Our words for starters, can make all the difference in painting the canvas of our lives.

Take the word can’t for example.

One day while I was renewing some personal documents with an administrative clerk, I witnessed how we block progression and solutions first hand by repeatedly using the word can’t.

I noticed the administrative clerk, use the word can’t a gazillion times.

It was truly fascinating to witness this lovely, woman counter every possible solution that I suggested to make herself right, which backed up her belief in the word can’t.

I continued to witness her, amazed and baffled by how ‘in love’ she was with the problem.

I finally drummed up the courage to let her know that she repeated the word can’t so many times that we were not coming to a solution as a result of it.

She was shocked by my candidness, and because of it, she chose to work with me, rather than against me. I even got a smile out of her – which demonstrated that the truth, delivered from a loving place, wins.

A beautiful lesson unfolded as a result; she had an ‘a-ha’ moment, and we were able to come to a happy resolution.

When you are faced with a challenge, sometimes all you need is a shift in perception, and an open mind.

Words are powerful, they vibrate within our being until they become our beliefs.

By becoming more conscious of our words, we all have the ability to clear obstacles and consciously create our reality.

I’d like to challenge you to examine the words that you speak on a daily basis.

When faced with a challenge, do you look at every possible scenario that prevents you from moving forward in your life?

Or, do you creatively focus on out of the box solutions?

I ask these questions as a means of preparing ourselves for an extraordinary year of creativity and innovation ahead.

When you let go of words that come from a place of limitation and replace them with empowering words, you open yourself up to so much creativity.

Opportunities will present themselves in very unexpected ways!

You allow your higher self to step in and come up with solutions.

I share this empowering message as part of a Resiliency Series to provide critical life skills and spiritual tools to help ground us during the ebbs and flows of life.

Things are rapidly changing and will require us all to dig deep into our own inner reservoir of divine creativity and intelligence.

2018 presents a year of miraculous changes for many, let’s get in alignment with Universal grace by speaking life in order to flourish.

Now over to you:  Does this message resonate? What are some self-limiting words that you are willing to let go of so you can move forward in your life?

I’d love to hear from you!

Do share your heartfelt comments on the blog with the rest of the community so that we can support you.

Cheers to an incredible year of creativity and innovation!

All love,

Abby xo

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