Flow, Don’t Force.


The great poet, Maya Angelou once said, ‘everything in the Universe has rhythm. Everything dances.’

Timing is everything.

Nature has a rhythm and the cosmos work in synergy with one another — perfectly timed, aligned, and synchronistic.

It is a real art to be totally tuned in, to know when to push and when to fall back. To understand when to hang on or to let go, and when to lean in or to retreat.

This is what being in grace is all about; a dance with the Universe of making it happen, and letting it happen.

The only way we can determine the right move though, is through awareness 

Awareness happens by taking the ego out of it for the moment, along with it’s endless chatter. It happens by getting real still, and paying attention to the whole picture. A clear channel is a good receiver of cosmic advice.

When you do this, you begin to think and feel on a higher vibration.

When you allow your higher self to be in the forefront of your life, and align yourself with something greater that will move through you, it will light and direct your path.

I love this quote by A Course in Miracles:

Delay does not matter in eternity, but it is tragic in time.‪

There is a deep reservoir of divine information hidden inside of us all that can make your life so much easier, graceful, and fulfilling.

If you try to manipulate time by forcing things to happen (according to egocentric timetables), you will suffer and struggle, because you are separating yourself from all that is.

If you’re doing the Cha-cha while the Universe is doing the Waltz, you’ll end up fighting against the natural flow of things.

The great spiritual teacher, Lao Tsu, taught us the following:

All straining, all striving are not only vain but counterproductive. One should endeavour to do nothing. But what does this mean? It means not to literally do nothing, but to discern and follow the natural forces — to follow and shape the flow of events and not to pit oneself against the natural order of things. First and foremost to be spontaneous in ones actions.

What does it mean to go with the flow? Here are 3 ways you can flow with the rhythm of the Universe:

1)   Synchronicity.

Oh, the magical world of synchronicity. Harness it, because these are signs that you’re on the right track. They’re everywhere, so make sure you pay attention and you’ll see them. I once planned an event and had a feeling that the date I had in mind, wasn’t the right date, and so I  decided to push it a week or two later. Guess what? Everything flowed nicely and the date was convenient for all of the guests. Timing really is everything.

2)   Be flexible with your plans, but stick to your goal.

A delay doesn’t have to be a denial at all. Au contraire. Many people become frustrated when plans go haywire. Been there done that, and I’ve learned that you’re more frustrated with how things are unfolding because it is not going the way we want it to go. Little do we know that it is going the right way, but the Universe may have a more efficient way of doing things, if you could just trust in the divine order, and be more patient.

3)  Be spontaneous – stay open.

Miracles come in moments, be they big or small. Pay attention to that moment of opportunity. The moment that feels right without a doubt. Don’t over analyze it. You need to act on it even if it doesn’t make sense, even if you’re scared out of your wits. If it’s not in line with your so-called plans – seize it!  Trust your gut, because it has your name on it, and ignore external voices, because your gut will always lead you in the right direction.

Now over to you, I love hearing stories about strange coincidences and synchronicities that have led people to their goals.

What’s the most amazing way this has ever happened to you? 

Or, need advice?

Please share with the rest of the community on the blog. We’re listening.

With love,

Abby xo

What You Can Learn From Everyone

Woman Looking at Reflection

I once knew a mother who had four children and I’ve never met a more organized person.

When I say that she was on top of everything, she was on top of everything.  Her home was immaculate, she competed in fitness competitions, and she ran a business. She would even pack up all four of her kids and take them snowboarding, by herself, all the while I stared in awe.

This woman taught me discipline and absolutely no excuses. She really was extraordinary.

I’ve also met people who are genius at numbers and financial planning; they just have a knack for it.

For these people, wealth creation is a game. They can whip together a financial plan with ease because to them, it is their art.

The point I’m trying to make is that we are all blessed with different gifts and talents to be shared with the world.

Every person that you meet is a window into another world. One that you can learn, and grow from, because we are all expressions of a greater whole.

The moment you proclaim to know everything is the same moment you seclude yourself on your own personal island of Know-It-All, which disconnects you from the rest of humanity.

Did you know that each and every one of us is a spark of divinity?

The Universe is experiencing itself through you and me and every life on this planet.

I used to be a closet fault-finder. I saw life through the lens of Abby’s World, and judged the characters in my story according to my own personal beliefs and guidelines. But you wanna know something?

The more I tried to correct others, and fix them, the more miserable I became.

It exhausted my energy.  My mind was constantly in evaluation mode, observing, trying to figure people out. I always wondered what their angle was, or if they had a secret agenda.

It was pretty intense.

And I knew the problem wasn’t them.

The problem was with me.

I was being way too hard on myself internally, and it was reflected externally.

As I started to love myself – all of me – my flaws, imperfections, and my quirks, that’s when I noticed that my energy increased. It freed up a lot of space in my mind, and I felt a whole lot lighter.

When you awaken to this truth, you become more curious and less judgmental. You become less focused on correcting others, and more focused on embracing them for who they are.

If you look a little closer into someone’s eyes, you’ll see their soul, not their differences.

Love and compassion will take over you because you are looking at a mirror of yourself.

Perhaps you can  extend a little more grace for people and their idiosyncrasies, more tolerance, and more acceptance, because of the unsurpassed grace that has been extended to you.

You will be love.

So the next time someone rubs you the wrong way, take a step back and remind yourself that you are looking at the entrance into another Universe filled with wonder, adventure, and so much more to learn from.

Stay open, stay curious.

With love,

Abby xo

Lean Into Fun!


Have you ever noticed when you live in tune with your spirit how life just flows effortlessly?

As you lean into the fun of whatever it is that you’re doing, your frequency amplifies, and you become magnetic!

Conversely, when life becomes robotic, you become numb, which leads to less creativity. This can invite feelings of repression and sadness.

I recently watched a mini Pixar film depicting how society destroys creativity with monotonous activity. The film shows a father and son going to work and school each day and how the son shows his father how to live through creative self-expression.

The message is so profound that it hurt my heart to see how we repress our creativity, and our children’s, to adapt to society.

I believe there is an artist within us all, and when we create through our art, we are expressing the divine.

I have witnessed many talented people give up on their creative pursuits in order to live a life paying bills, essentially watching their very life force being sucked right out of them.

Now of course, there is still a need for discipline and structure. I love structure and routine. If I didn’t have it in my life, I wouldn’t get anything done.

However, it has to be balanced.

Take a moment to have an honest conversation with yourself and ask, “am I having enough fun in my life? Am I am expressing myself creatively?

If the answer is no, it might be time to amp up the fun and creativity in your life! Experience the feeling of joy that begins to resurface in your life again.

In what ways can you you start ramping up the fun in your life, and express your creativity? What are some things you can do for yourself today to make your day a little less monotonous?

I’d love to hear from you!

Please share what you’re up to with the rest of the community as we’d love to support you.

I hope this message empowers you invite more fun and creativity in your life overall.

With love,

Abby xo




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