3 Steps On How To Flow With The Universe.

Art of Surrender

The great poet, Maya Angelou once said, ‘Everything in the Universe has rhythm. Everything dances.’

Timing is everything.

Nature has a rhythm and the cosmos work in synergy with one another — perfectly timed, aligned, and synchronistic.

It is a real art to be totally tuned in, to know when to push and when to fall back. To know when to hang on or to let go, and when to lean in or to retreat.

This is what being in grace is all about; a dance with the Universe of making it happen, and letting it happen.

The only way we can determine the right move though, is through awareness 

We open our awareness by getting real still, and paying attention to the whole picture. A clear channel is a good receiver of divine insight.

When you do this, you begin to think and feel on a higher vibration.

When you allow your higher self to be in the forefront of your life, you align yourself with something greater that will move through you that will light and direct your path.

There is a deep reservoir of divine information hidden inside of us all that can make your life more graceful, and fulfilling.

If you try to manipulate time by forcing things to happen, you will struggle, because you are fighting against the natural flow of things.

The great spiritual teacher, Lao Tsu, taught us the following:

All straining, all striving are not only vain but counterproductive. One should endeavour to do nothing. But what does this mean? It means not to literally do nothing, but to discern and follow the natural forces — to follow and shape the flow of events and not to pit oneself against the natural order of things. First and foremost to be spontaneous in ones actions.

What does it mean to go with the flow? Here are 3 ways you can flow with the rhythm of the Universe:

1)   Synchronicity.

Oh, the magical world of synchronicity. Harness it, because these are signs that you’re on the right track. They’re everywhere, so make sure you pay attention and you’ll see them. I once planned an event and had a feeling that the date I had in mind, wasn’t the right date, and so I  decided to push it a week or two later. Guess what? Everything flowed nicely and the date was convenient for all of the guests. Timing really is everything.

2)   Be flexible with your plans, but stick to your goal.

A delay doesn’t have to be a denial at all. Au contraire. Many people become frustrated when plans go haywire. Little do we know that it is going the right way, but the Universe may have a more efficient way of doing things, if you could just trust in the divine order, and be more patient.

3)  Be spontaneous – stay open.

Miracles come in moments, be they big or small. Pay attention to that moment of opportunity. The moment that feels right without a doubt. Don’t over analyze it. You need to act on it even if it doesn’t make sense, even if you’re scared out of your wits. If it’s not in line with your so-called plans – seize it!  When the heavens give you the green light, you’re in the clear – you’ve got to move! Trust your gut and ignore external voices, because your gut will always lead you in the right direction.

Now over to you, I love hearing stories about strange coincidences and synchronicities.

What’s the most amazing way this has ever happened to you? 

Or, need advice?

Do share with the rest of the community on the blog and I’ll be sure to reply.

With love,

Abby xo

5 Steps To Foster ‘Emotional Resilience’

Emotional health

How often do you feel pressure in your life?

We all do on occasion, as we are continually growing and stretching.

Maybe you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning, you’ve had an argument with your partner, you didn’t get the promotion you had hoped for, or whatever the reason – we all have moments where we experience the occasional setbacks in life.

Life happens.

The reality is, life is going to have its ups and downs – we’re human. Stuff comes up, situations happen beyond our control, plans get derailed on occasion, and that’s just the way it is.

For this reason, it is important to stay grounded so as to not fall into the loop of an emotional rollercoaster that can lead one on a downward spiral if we don’t conjure up the courage, confidence, and werewithal to pull up our bootstraps, put things in perspective and keep on, keeping on.

This is why I believe that ‘Emotional Resilience’ is a life skill that requires nurturing as we navigate life.

Here are 5 simple Tips to fostering ‘Emotional Resilience’ in your life:

1)     Relish in the simple things.

I’m a lover of simplicity, and always have been.

What are some of the simple things that bring you joy?

Is it taking a walk in nature? Writing, painting, or enjoying a nice dinner with the ones you love?  Whatever it may be, find absolute pleasure in the things that bring you joy, and make time for them everyday. This can create a sustainable emotional state of being, the simpler the better.

2)  Be mindful of your self talk

Excessive self criticism or criticism of others can really affect the health of your emotional state of being when not managed.

Speaking negatively about yourself or others depletes your energy, and only serves to bring more negativity into your life and throws you out of alignment of the Universal energy of love and oneness.

We are living in a time where the level of manifestation of thought is so fast under the helm of the Universal law of cause and effect. Thoughts that would take years to manifest are now ricocheting into form, in days.  Speak up and you’ll go up, you’ll not only feel better about yourself, but you’ll draw more positivity into your life as well.

3)    Maintain a daily spiritual practice.

Let me premise this by saying that a spiritual practice does not have to be religious in nature.

A daily, spiritual practice involves any activity that brings you into a calm, meditative state. This can happen by simply walking in nature while taking long, deep breaths, prayer, meditation, listening to your favourite music, yoga to name a few.

It is any activity that keeps you in sync with the Universal energy of love and oneness and the core of your being.

Consistency in your practice can make a world of a difference to fostering a healthy, emotional state of being.  Meditation has the power to heal subconscious patterns that create regular emotional upsets in order to restore balance.

4)    Make ‘thank you’ your daily mantra.

A thankful heart will always position itself to receive more.

Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to shift your state from lacking to abundant.  A daily gratitude log is a great tool to remind yourself to appreciate what you have, and spins your focus in a positive way. This can help ease the weight of your fears and anxieties.

5)    Service heals.

Service works wonders.

This doesn’t have to be monetary in nature either, it can simply be spending time with your family or a friend who needs encouragement. Focus on helping someone else or even volunteering your time so that you can take your mind off of yourself and your problems. The results are miraculous, watch how fast your mood changes and you’ll see that things aren’t really bad after all.

Always remember that everything is temporary.

Keep up!

As always, I’d love to hear from you!

Please feel free to share your Comments with the rest of the community on the blog and I’ll be sure to reply.

Peace, love and light.

All love,

Abby xo

How To Make Way For The New.

Light steps

I truly don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a better life.

There’s nothing wrong with a little improvement, right?

Humans are infinite beings that need to expand; people are just not meant to remain stagnant.

However, attachment can be one of the greatest hindrances to your soul’s growth.

Sometimes, it is easier to (unconsciously) hold on to the people, things, and patterns that feel familiar to our old self, which contrasts with your current self that is trying to evolve. It can be hard, but sometimes that’s the very thing you need to set yourself free.

Letting go creates the space you need to grow and move forward in your life.

The truth of the matter is that your soul is not meant to remain stagnant. It’s meant to learn and evolve.

In every given moment you have the opportunity to create a new life for yourself by making the conscious choice to live in the present moment.

There are endless possibilities that are waiting to be released in your life.

Here are the 4 ways to tap into the possibilities available to you:

1)   Believe.

Everyone has moments when they question themselves. People experience moments where their confidence slips when setbacks occur. However, you must believe in yourself with all your heart, and know that you are worthy.  Doubt and faith cannot co-exist with one another. Generate excitement about your belief in yourself, feel it as it is, talk about it in the present tense and it will happen.

2)   Forgive your past.

Forgive yourself of all mistakes. Let go of the fear and the shame, everyone makes mistakes. I’ve made plenty, that’s how you learn. Free yourself, free your mind, and free your heart in order to make room in your energy to allow the life you want to unfold moving forward.

3) De-clutter your stuff.  

I cannot stress this enough, clutter is a form of attachment. Objects hold energy, and trigger emotions of the past.  When you surround yourself in clutter, deep down you are resisting change. Your actions line up to support your unconscious beliefs and will continue to fester. By clearing your space, you are sending a signal out to the Universe that your heart is open and ready for the life that you want.

A simple practice you can begin, to gently let go of these patterns, is to start by de-cluttering your home daily. Declare the following as you purge “I am willing to move forward in my life.” As you let go of certain objects that give you memories of your past, you will slowly renew your energy, align with the present moment and fall back into the flow of your life moving forward.

4)   Open yourself to possibility with enthusiasm.

Feeling good opens you up to a plethora of possibilities and attitude is everything. I know that this is tough if you’ve got some temporary, undesirable circumstances in your life, I’ve been there too, however you can still choose to thrive and be optimistic until things change.

There is nothing better than a clean slate and an open heart.

Anything is possible if you’re willing to meet the Universe halfway and create some space in your life.

You can start by asking yourself, in what part of my life am I willing to create space?

Need advice? Let us know in the community how you’re doing so that I can support you.

All love,

Abby xo


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