A heartfelt letter of truth & thanks to my readers…

Free at last

Dear friends,

I find myself reflecting on the incredible growth that has occurred in my life for the year 2013 with a heart full of thanks.  2013 for me was the year that I was pushed to the limit both personally and professionally.  The Universe made it’s point very clear to me that it was time to lead with my Heart vs. my Mind, and what unravelled, was a massive, Spiritual Transformation.  I discovered the “Real Me”.

You see, before you can truly Lead and Inspire, you must be prepared.  You have to truly “Get it”, “Live it”, “Walk it” and “Overcome it”.  You have to walk through the fire and Master yourself before you can become truly impactful in the lives of those that you Serve.  You have to do the Work.  And the work by the way, never ends as we blossom into the person that we are meant to be.

I want all of you to know from the bottom of my heart, that everything, and I mean everything that I write about, are things that I have actually experienced myself and have overcome.

I have taken the journey with you, and through my own Inner Transformation, my ultimate goal is to help guide you to becoming your own “Guru” so that healing can occur in your life.  So that you can allow the “Real You” to emerge and play the Game of Life in the space of your “Authentic Self”.  A path less travelled and scares most, but the road that leads to the most fulfillment.

My wish for all of you entering the year 2014, is to face life with Courage and Grace.  Walk with a childlike, Faith that God’s got you covered, that you are Safe and that All is Well.  Remember that you are Loved and not Forgotten, and more importantly, love the “Real You”.

May 2014 be filled with loads of love, truth, peace & joy.

Happy New Year my friends!

Much love,

Abby xo

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