Can You Experience Joy In Uncertainty?

Joy In Uncertainty

Of course!

Managing your thoughts and making the conscious choice to think differently can be challenging, especially in a place of uncertainty.

The reality is, life is going to have its ups and downs. Stuff comes up, situations happen beyond your control, plans get derailed, and that’s just the way life is.

People are often more upset about how things are unfolding, because on some level they feel like they have lost control. Yet it is in these moments that you must strengthen your faith-muscles and trust that all things work together for your highest good, even if it makes you feel out of control.

It is your belief in something greater that will light the direction of your path and keep you feeling safe, loved, and secure at all times, even when things don’t make sense.

You can experience joy even in uncertainty, however, joy is something you generate from within.

When you experience a feeling of joy and elation, you are tapping into your real self and your connectedness to love. One of the fastest ways of experiencing joy is by dwelling in a state of thankfulness in your heart, and reminding yourself of how good things really are.

You can also sustain the feeling of joy by relishing in the practices that feed your soul.

Here are 4 tips for experiencing joy in the midst of uncertainty:

1)     Relish in the simple things.

I’m a lover of simplicity, and always have been.

What are some of the simple things that bring you joy?

Is it taking a walk in nature? Writing, painting, or enjoying a nice dinner with the ones you love?  Whatever it may be, find absolute pleasure in the things that bring you joy, and make time for them everyday. This can create a sustainable state of being; the simpler the better.

2)    Maintain a daily spiritual practice.

A daily spiritual practice involves any activity that brings you into a calm, meditative state and keeps you connected to your soul. This can happen by simply walking in nature while taking long, deep breaths, meditating, listening to your favourite music, or lighting a candle to bring you into a zen space.

It is any activity that keeps you connected to the core of your being. I’ve found, through my own personal experience, that having a daily spiritual practice has helped me to check in with my internal guidance while keeping me rooted, and more importantly, it makes me feel supported.

3)    Make ‘thank you’ your daily mantra.

A thankful heart will always position itself to receive more.

Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to shift your state from lacking to abundant.  A daily gratitude log is a great tool to remind yourself to appreciate what you have, and spins your focus in a positive way. This can help ease the weight of your fears and anxieties.

Gratitude gives a nod to the Universe that says, “hey, I’m actually okay, thank you.”

4)    Service heals – Give.

There is something so beautiful and cathartic when you can give generously, with pure intention. When you help someone else in need, it helps you take your mind off of yourself and your problems. Help someone in need, and watch how fast your mood changes.

I’ve test driven these practices in my own life during moments of the seemingly impossible and they work!

Final thought:

Living in a ‘I’ll be happy when…’ mentality can leave you feeling frustrated because you’re living for some indeterminate time in the future.

Experience your joy by living fully in the present, and working with what you’ve got right in front of you, right now.

I hope this message empowers you to remain in joy no matter the circumstance around you.

All love,

Abby xo

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