Career Coaching

Abby’s Career Coaching Services

3 Tier Coaching:

1. Executive Coaching “I’ve been downsized Abby, now what?

  • Abby’s signature course designed for people who have been Downsized to reclaim your Dignity, Self Worth and Discover who you Really Are.

2. Career Coaching “I can’t stand my job Abby, I don’t know what to do?”

  • Abby’s guide to Identifying your TRUE Gifts and Talents so that you may Serve to your highest ability, and bring more Heart to your Hustle.

3. Your Brilliant Interview Strategy “I suck at interviews Abby, plus no one’s calling me back.  How do I land that job?”

  • Abby’s signature Interview guide to help you SHIFT from a “Get” to “Give” level of consciousness ultimately leading you to a higher success rate in landing that Job!