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The Upside of Procrastination.

I’m a risk taker, always have been. I’ll dive off the board and figure it out as I go down (with a parachute tucked away as Plan B of course!) I thrive on the rush of possibility and challenge. I’m programmed to take the road less travelled. Most of the time it’s worked, but sometimes, [...]

Labels limit potential. Stay open…

Here’s a scenario for you. So your boss pulls you into their office and says “look, I’ve got a project that I would like you to work on.  I know it’s outside of your area of expertise, but I really could use the extra help on this since you’ve proven yourself sooo reliable.” Your reply [...]

If it doesn’t light your fire – Quit!…

I was inspired to write this article after reading a blog written by the incomparable, Brendon Burchard.  I just love this guy!  He’s all heart, scary smart and oozes wisdom. We share the same philosophy, and that is, if it doesn’t light your fire – Quit!  Ya’ you heard right.  Yes quitting my dear friends, [...]

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