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Self-Care For The Sensitive Heart.

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day about all the struggle that’s been in the air lately. It’s polarizing too, like hearing about both awesome things and crises at the same time. It’s like the weeds are growing together with the harvest, and there’s nothing in between. It can really feel [...]

Feel Your Way To Healing Your Emotional Blocks.

I used to stifle my emotions, and I was quite good at it. My automatic response when someone asked how I was doing (when I clearly wasn’t doing well) was, “I’m ok, really I am.” Can you relate? I was taught to believe that expressing my emotions was a sign of weakness, so I intellectualized [...]

Can You Experience Joy In Uncertainty?

Of course! Managing your thoughts and making the conscious choice to think differently can be challenging, especially in a place of uncertainty. The reality is, life is going to have its ups and downs. Stuff comes up, situations happen beyond your control, plans get derailed, and that’s just the way life is. People are often more [...]

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