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Does Your Inner Child Need Some More Fun?

Have you ever noticed when you live in tune with your spirit how life just flows effortlessly? As you lean into the fun of whatever it is that you’re doing, your frequency amplifies, and you become magnetic! Conversely, when life becomes robotic, you become numb, which leads to less creativity. This can invite feelings of [...]

How To Live From Your Inner Power.

Have you ever observed a person walk into a room with tremendous calm poise, and sense of confidence and thought to yourself, “what is it about this person that I wanna get to know?” And I’m not talking about charm or charisma. This is the kind of person who sits at the back of the [...]

How To Maintain Your Peace During Conflict.

Have you been feeling like time is speeding up lately? Well, what you’re feeling is felt by many, as we are in a season of acceleration for our evolution. While this season presents incredible opportunity it also induces conflict due to the fear of things changing rapidly. The world can seem out of balance to [...]

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