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How To Become Agile, When Plans Change.

Plans.  We all have them don’t we? We plan a perfect, portrait of how our lives should look. All these plans are well-intentioned, purposeful, well thought out, positive, and hopeful in most instances. We all want to be happy, loved, prosper and thrive in our lives. But what happens when your plans get intercepted? It can really [...]

How To Use Our Words As A Conscious Creator.

We’re here…Happy 2018! One of the things I just love about entering a New Year is that fresh, feeling of a clean slate. It’s invigorating, inspiring and presents an opportunity for us all to create and innovate! And creativity by the way, is something that is renewable and infinite.  It’s also worth noting that creativity [...]

A Heartfelt Letter Of Thanks To You All.

As we steadily approach the close of the year, I want to reach out and say a BIG Thank You to my tribe! Thank you for keeping an open heart, and for allowing me to share my thoughts with you in your inbox every week. Many of you have written to me about some of [...]

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