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3 Universal Signs That Change Is Imminent In Your Life.

Change.  The word alone can make people cringe. Let’s face it, no one likes their cushy, comfortable life, or routine being shaken up. To be honest, the thought of change makes my hidden OCD-tendencies rear an ugly head on occasion. We all like to feel like we’ve got a hold of things, that we’ve got [...]

The Cord-Cutting Cure For Unhealthy Attachments.

I once worked with a client that had a turbulent relationship for many years. While speaking with her, we brought up the dynamics of her parents, as this often forms our beliefs about partnership on an unconscious level. It was revealed that her mother was overly giving to her father in the sense of martyrdom; to the [...]

How To Trust Yourself And Let Go Of People Pleasing.

I am a former people-pleaser, believe it or not. I care, sometimes a little too much. For a long time I was too nice, always treading cautiously. I danced around what I truly felt for fear that people would be disappointed in me. I laugh to myself now at how much I’ve changed over the years, [...]

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