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How To Overcome A ‘Rescue Martyr’ Complex.

There was a time in my life that I allowed myself to be taken advantaged of. I gave and gave and gave until my emotional tank was on empty and my needs were neglected. I had assigned myself the role of being a Rescue Martyr, and held this role with great pride. You see, I [...]

4 Ways To Experience Joy, Even In Uncertainty.

Have you ever gone through a difficult, season in your life and thought that you’d never experience joy again? Guess what?  We all go through various seasons in life, we’re human. The reality is, life is going to have its ups and downs. Stuff comes up, situations happen beyond your control, plans get derailed, and [...]

Why Self Care Is An Act Of Self Love.

Have you ever looked at your mile-long ‘To Do’ list and felt your entire body tighten up with anxiety? Having experienced this before, I had to put my own advice into practice, and listen to what my body was telling me. I needed to allow myself to have some downtime (phone off kinda downtime), to [...]

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