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Why Change Begins With A New Way Of Being.

So you’ve gone through an enlightening, soul enriching, inner transformation. You’ve faced yourself down, and came out on the other side, reborn. You’ve cried, journaled, prayed, and meditated your brains out. You’ve pulled out the weeds one by one for new roots to spring forth. You’ve done the work, and it’s been hard, but also incredibly liberating. When [...]

Humour Heals, Laugh Often.

I once attended a comedy show in support of a client of mine who happens to be a fantastic comedian. There were about 4 or 5 comedians that performed and totally had me in stitches.  In fact, each performance had the natural ability to make fun of some of their own challenges in life. And [...]

Why Your Need To Be Right Could Be Hurting You.

Sometimes, life can seem pretty tough. The golden opportunity that you thought was a level up, didn’t quite work out; the beautiful relationship that you thought would last a lifetime didn’t etc. These things happen, change is certain, in fact, none of us are absolved from curve balls in life however, we can choose to [...]

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