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The ALLURE of Authenticity

There is a “Wooing” that occurs within, an Allure that draws your TRUE Self to emerge. It starts off like a Whisper, an Attraction, an Awareness, an urge to be FREE and then; an insatiable desire to be Authentic. It is often indescribable to your loved ones and occurs at an “Inconvenient” time where you evade all previous plans to Discover [...]

You need Criticism. What!?!

Have I got your attention? You’re probably reading this saying “What the Heck Abby”, no I don’t! I’m here to say in some instances, YES you do! Ouch! I know it hurts, but it’s True. It’s the good ole’ “Tough Love” that makes us uncomfortable at first but then Empowers. Do you know that a [...]

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