Crafting Your Killer Resume

Killer Resume

Throughout my career I have placed in a variety of professions and I would like to share with you some suggestions to bring a higher success rate to you landing the right job!

Let me begin by saying that preparing a good resume is key prior to beginning your Job Search for the following reasons:

Quite simply, it’s a first impression. When you think about it your resume in many regards is a representation of yourself prior to you meeting in person.  The resume is the determining factor that will hopefully get you the face to face interview all the more reason to be very clear and concise in communicating your skills in terms of what’s relevant to the job you’re applying for.  I can honestly say as an Executive Recruiter, when we have a Job Requirement, the first thing we are looking for is the key qualifications of the individual that is relevant to that particular Job Opportunity.  This is what will get the Candidate that phone call!  Quite frankly, Recruiters are so busy that they have no time to analyze a resume.  We simply look for the key qualifications and then pick up the phone – hopefully you’ll be that one on the receiving end…

From an employer standpoint the same!  Rest assured they do not have the time to slowly analyze a resume as time is of the essence.  That is why it is crucially important for the resume to be clear, to the point and more importantly, relevant to the position.

Customize your resume to the job you’re applying for!

Having a generic version just isn’t enough nowadays.  Writing a good resume can be a painstaking process, but think about how you’ll feel when you’ve completed it.  There are many Resume Writing services out there that can provide you with an excellent template to keep for years and years.  As you all know and may have experienced when active on the Job Market, you’ll apply to a Hot Job posting on Workopolis etc. and keep sending out the same resume.  Not to burst you’re bubble but really it’s very easy for you to become just a number which proves my point all the more that your resume must stand out among the others and the only way to do that is to emphasize and highlight your key qualifications relevant to that particular job.

Register yourself with a reputable Agency/Recruiter

There are many advantages to using a Recruiter that I would like to point out:

    • It’s like having your own agent marketing you to the jobs
    • Recruiters have access to jobs that have not been posted
    • Recruiters have great negotiation skills and a somewhat level of influence on their clients (to a point, providing they have a good relationship)
    • Have enough experience to Coach you along the way so that you present yourself in a winning fashion

As you can see, there are many positives that a Recruiter holds that can help you get that job you’ve been longing for.

Set a Goal on how many Interviews you wanna land

I cannot stress this enough.  How can you begin your search when you haven’t planned how you’re gonna go about it nor defined you’re expectations/intentions?  In the simplest of terms “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”.  You’d be amazed at the magic that unfolds by writing down your goals and of course backing it by ACTION.  It just seems pointless to be pursuing a destination without a map, a goal or intentionality for that matter, it will flat out drive you NUTS!  Before an opportunity will present itself, one MUST be prepared, it’s as simple as that.  Furthermore, it’s important to track down your progress, as it’s good on the psyche and your Self Confidence overall.  You will actually feel that you are getting somewhere and ultimately closer to your goal.  “Clarity is Key.”

Use these TIPS, and I guarantee a greater Call Back rate.  Do I hear “Winning”?

With love,

Abby xo



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