Help! I screwed up, big time…

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OMG!  How could I blow this opportunity?  Whyyyyy?  Sound familiar, we’ve all been there haven’t we?

Little do we know that the door that has closed before us, is actually a door away from opening up that amazing, opportunity with our name on it.  But many of us cry over spilled milk, and waste our precious energy, blaming ourselves, analyzing, banging on the closed door before us, instead of letting it go and moving on.

I learned this valuable lesson in the Executive Search business making a “gazillion” cold calls daily.  And what I observed, was that the right opportunity just flowed.  It just came together.  While the wrong opportunity tended to be riddled with resistance and opposition.  I can recall getting a weird feeling in my gut in the middle of a deal which signalled me to back off.

There was a greater force at hand and there was nothing I could do about it.

It is by following my intuition that led me to success and when I didn’t; it brought suffering.

I’ve often believed that there is a grace and ease and a timing that comes with the right opportunity.  You’ll find that when something has your name on it and you’re completely aware and present, you notice a string of synchronicities and coincidences leading up to your golden moment.

But many of us are so attached to the outcome by living in the future in our minds, that we become distracted and cannot see the signs before us, whether it is a Yea or Nay?  In other words, we get into “Desperado” mode while transmitting a lack vibration.

We could spare ourselves so much disappointment by trusting in the unfolding of things and keeping our faith strong.

Here’s a word for you:

“You do not have plot, beg, steal, manipulate, bulldoze your way through for something that already belongs to you.” – Unknown (Love this quote, not mine by the way)

Can I get an Amen?

To approach your goals using all of the above, means that on a deep, unconscious level, you believe that you must prove that you are Worthy and that you must take matters into your own hands and take what rightfully belongs to you.

This is what you call a “Surviving” mentality as opposed to “Thriving” with the belief that what’s for you, is for you.

There will never be someone quite like you, who operates like you, talks like you, walks like you, period.  And so, that means that you are perfectly, designed for that special opportunity that you dream of.

I guarantee if you approach your goals with a faith based mentality, all of the cosmos and heavenly realm will beckon to your call.  Your level of self confidence will skyrocket and opportunities will be chasing you down – not the other way around. (this philosophy by the way applies to relationships too, just sayin’)

Here’s another dose of wisdom by Silver Birch:

“If you knock on a door and it does not open, do not push.  If you push the door gently and it opens, that is for you.  You cannot go through a closed door.  Too many people in your world waste time and effort banging at closed doors.” – Silver Birch

My philosophy exactly.  Preach it Silver Birch!

My friends, a shift in consciousness has occurred, and with that you’ll find that your level of awareness has heightened.  We are moving into a higher dimension, a dimension that no longer requires us to push, get wired up, chase, stress yourself out and pursue that which isn’t aligned with your highest good.

As in the wise words of Yogi Bhajan:

“If it doesn’t serve your grace, don’t participate.”

Everything is working in your favour, you just have to believe it, be still and trust your inner guidance to lead the way.

Trust me, you’ll be thankful you did :)

Cheers to grace & ease!

Much love,

Abby xo



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  1. Ingrid
    April 10, 2014 at 12:54 am (1505 days ago)

    Awesome. You’re blog is always so fun to read, Abby. This is empowering information and a great reminder. Thank you!


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