How To Become Agile, When Plans Change.


Plans.  We all have them don’t we?

We plan a perfect, portrait of how our lives should look.

All these plans are well-intentioned, purposeful, well thought out, positive, and hopeful in most instances.

We all want to be happy, loved, prosper and thrive in our lives.

But what happens when your plans get intercepted?

It can really throw you out of balance and lose your footing altogether without having perspective.

Hence the reason I believe that the ability to be agile, is a life skill to be nurtured and developed, especially during the times we are living in, in order to navigate the twists and turns of the current Universal changes.

Sometimes we become ‘Over-vigilant’ in determining the “How” which blocks our ability to be led by a higher power greater than our own.

Harnessing your ability to tune into your inner guidance by feeling more than thinking, is a handy spiritual tool that can make all the difference when making decisions in order to remain in alignment.

By surrendering our plans as an offering to be perceived through the lens of a greater truth, we access a wisdom beyond our limited perception.

For a change of plans can really just be a sign of grace in action. 

The Universe working for you, not against you.

A divine re-calibration of some sort by the Universe that says “This way, I’ve got a better plan.”

Our faith in this instance is often tested, to see if we believe in the higher wisdom of the Universe and it’s organizing methods.

When we understand this core, fundamental principle that the Universe will always course correct in order to maintain balance, purpose and oneness, we begin to invite more harmony, grace and ease in our lives with less resistance.

This can be quite perplexing to the logical mind, as it lives in judgement which can often throw us out of the flow of our lives.

However, if we strengthen our faith muscles, the path is often revealed to us.

I hope this message empowers you to have faith, plan, but leave a little wiggle room for divine grace and wisdom.

For the Universe is always working for you!

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Abby xo

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