How To Create More Harmony In Your Life.

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Have you ever wondered if you exercised enough today? Drank enough water? Ate enough healthy foods? Have you ever worried if you’re a good boss, employee, mother, partner, or caregiver?

Struggling to find a balance with all of these things, and all the other fun thoughts that like to plague our minds, can turn you inside out with guilt.

Am I doing enough?

Maybe what you really need is harmony.

The constant struggle to find balance can disconnect you from your heart. And, when you fall out of alignment with your inner self, you’ll feel the strain in your life.

Seeking balance by piling on more, lends the perspective that your life is fragmented, compartmentalized.

It is this lineal perception that leads to thoughts of scarcity and self judgement.

You might often think thoughts such as, ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘I’m not doing enough’, and no matter how much you try to find that elusive balance, you’ll never truly find it.

For many years I too fell into this vicious trap of self judgement. Through further introspection I realized that, more than anything in the world, I wanted to feel connected and in integrity with my heart and soul.

Think about the moments that you felt connected to your heart. What did it feel like for you? Did you feel lighter? More clear? More at ease?

Sometimes in the quest for balance, we focus too much on the ‘outer’, and essentially go into ‘over-doing’ mode.

You will immerse yourself in all sorts of activities (I’ve been there too!), believing that in some way, it will make your life feel more in unison. But it doesn’t, it just clutters and convolutes your life because the harmony you seek is within.

When you are connected to your heart, you are in integrity with your true self and everything flows more smoothly.

There is less inner resistance, and pivoting back and forth vibrationally.  Every part of you comes into agreement with single minded focus because you are connected.

Harmony is the goal.

I encourage you to invite more harmony into your life by connecting with your inner self more frequently.

Daily meditation and stillness works magic. There are many ways to tune in, find the one that brings you the most joy, peace and sense of inner fulfillment.

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To harmonious living,

Abby xo

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