How To Make Way For The New.

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I truly don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a better life.

There’s nothing wrong with a little improvement, right?

Humans are infinite beings that need to expand; people are just not meant to remain stagnant.

However, attachment can be one of the greatest hindrances to your soul’s growth.

Sometimes, it is easier to (unconsciously) hold on to the people, things, and patterns that feel familiar to our old self, which contrasts with your current self that is trying to evolve. It can be hard, but sometimes that’s the very thing you need to set yourself free.

Letting go creates the space you need to grow and move forward in your life.

The truth of the matter is that your soul is not meant to remain stagnant. It’s meant to learn and evolve.

In every given moment you have the opportunity to create a new life for yourself by making the conscious choice to live in the present moment.

There are endless possibilities that are waiting to be released in your life.

Here are the 4 ways to tap into the possibilities available to you:

1)   Believe.

Everyone has moments when they question themselves. People experience moments where their confidence slips when setbacks occur. However, you must believe in yourself with all your heart, and know that you are worthy.  Doubt and faith cannot co-exist with one another. Generate excitement about your belief in yourself, feel it as it is, talk about it in the present tense and it will happen.

2)   Forgive your past.

Forgive yourself of all mistakes. Let go of the fear and the shame, everyone makes mistakes. I’ve made plenty, that’s how you learn. Free yourself, free your mind, and free your heart in order to make room in your energy to allow the life you want to unfold moving forward.

3) De-clutter your stuff.  

I cannot stress this enough, clutter is a form of attachment. Objects hold energy, and trigger emotions of the past.  When you surround yourself in clutter, deep down you are resisting change. Your actions line up to support your unconscious beliefs and will continue to fester. By clearing your space, you are sending a signal out to the Universe that your heart is open and ready for the life that you want.

A simple practice you can begin, to gently let go of these patterns, is to start by de-cluttering your home daily. Declare the following as you purge “I am willing to move forward in my life.” As you let go of certain objects that give you memories of your past, you will slowly renew your energy, align with the present moment and fall back into the flow of your life moving forward.

4)   Open yourself to possibility with enthusiasm.

Feeling good opens you up to a plethora of possibilities and attitude is everything. I know that this is tough if you’ve got some temporary, undesirable circumstances in your life, I’ve been there too, however you can still choose to thrive and be optimistic until things change.

There is nothing better than a clean slate and an open heart.

Anything is possible if you’re willing to meet the Universe halfway and create some space in your life.

You can start by asking yourself, in what part of my life am I willing to create space?

Need advice? Let us know in the community how you’re doing so that I can support you.

All love,

Abby xo


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