Humour Heals, Laugh Often.

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I once attended a comedy show in support of a client of mine who happens to be a fantastic comedian.

There were about 4 or 5 comedians that performed and totally had me in stitches.  In fact, each performance had the natural ability to make fun of some of their own challenges in life.

And I thought to myself, ‘Wow, that’s power!

To take your own challenges and turn them into a comedy skit, make people laugh, and forget about their own, is an incredible gift.

I believe that comedians are healers in disguise.

The path to healing is a life-long process that will require a lot of patience and gentleness with yourself.

Throughout your life, you are constantly shedding away your past, your old habits, and those patterns that continue to surface in your life. There are so many layers of mental constructs, false beliefs and stories that are deeply rooted within that takes time, sometimes lifetimes to heal.

Just when you think I’ve got it, I’ve finally got it!, someone will say, or do something that can trigger you so deeply that pain (and many of your old patterns) can come back to haunt you.

Just when you think, I’ve met the one, you realize that it’s the same guy, but in a different suit.

Just when you think, I’m doing so well by eating healthy, you hit the local Tim Horton’s, look at the menu and order the same donut with the sprinkles on it.

It can be incredibly frustrating, but you are a human being, and you’re going to slip up.

And that’s okay.

If you can’t laugh at yourself on occasion, you’re taking life way too seriously.

Laughter heals.

There are times that you’re going to break your diet and put the weight back on until you stabilize.

You”ll believe your stories.

You’ll put your foot in your mouth sometimes.

You’ll skip the gym or yoga class, procrastinate, miss your meditation practice, stop your exercise regime, and the list goes on and on.

Because it’s never about the destination. It’s everything we learn throughout the journey.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned over the years is to be gentle with myself, laugh more, and lighten up!

I took myself way too seriously for so many years and fell into the trap of trying to be perfect.

The journey is not about perfection, it’s about being real with oneself and loving what comes up, even the emotions that we sometimes feel uncomfortable with.

Cause and effect is one of our greatest teachers. And when you can demonstrate more compassion to yourself for the divine lessons that are unfolding in your life, you’ll really be able to open yourself up to the divine.

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s how we learn.

If you can learn to accept your imperfections, forgive yourself more often, and change your dialogue of constant self-criticism so you can speak to yourself in a more loving way, miraculous shifts can occur in your life.

Allow yourself to be a human being, be willing to learn the lesson in it all, and try again next time.

All love,

Abby xo

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