If you really knew me …

If you truly want to live your happiest, most Authentic life and Allow the “Real You” to emerge, part of the process is knowing and accepting Thyself.  For example,

If you Really Knew me you would know:

  • That I’m a little Shy
  • Organized yet a little Flighty
  • Confident yet occasionally second guess myself
  • Looking at a graph makes my head want to explode
  • Unconventional with a touch of Traditional
  • Corporate with an edge
  • I’m an Undercover Rebel
  • Profound yet Practical
  • Strategic yet highly Creative
  • I’m an annoyingly, happy morning person
  • A Fashionista
  • Blunt yet Diplomatic
  • Conservative yet Risque
  • Love Italian cuisine, chocolate and all things great tasting
  • I’m a closet Nerd who loves to read deep Spiritual Stuff
  • Strong yet super Sensitive
  • I’m a Blackberry, IPhone kinda chick (try to put that one together)
  • Love a good joke and stupid, funny movies

If I really knew you, what would I learn about you?  Care to share?

If so, feel free to leave your comments below.

With love,

Abby xo


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