Life Coaching

Abby’s 12 Part Transformational Series

The Heart Detox (6 Part Series) – restoring the Heart to it’s original place of Love.

  • Part I  – The 30 Day Forgiveness Challenge
  • Part  II – How to Release Self Judgment and Criticism
  • Part III – Gossip “Something to Talk About”
  • Part IV – The Covetous Heart “Healing the Self Saboteour within”
  • Part V – The Anxious Heart “Getting past an I want it NOW dammit Mentality”
  • Part VI – The Lonely Heart “How to Heal seeds of Rejection”

Mind Restoration (6 Part Series) – Unlearning Self defeating thoughts, replacing them with New Beliefs and aligning yourself with the “Real You”.

  • Part VII – How to Identify & Heal “Survival” tendencies
  • Part VIII – How to move from “Never Enough Land” to “More than Enough”
  • Part IX – Guess What? You already “Have” what you Need
  • Part X – It is your Divine Right to BE Happy dammit!
  • Part XI – Shifting from a “Get” to “Give” level of Consciousness
  • Part XII – Becoming an Ambassador of Love

WARNING! Conscious Living could cause the following Side Effects:

  1. All of a sudden you FEEL a whole lot Lighter and Brighter :)
  2. LIFE tastes Sweeter
  3. Possibilities become Endless
  4. Limited becomes Limitless
  5. You become a magnet for Opportunity, Creativity and the potential to earn more than you ever imagined
  6. Downloading Brilliant ideas from above and beyond becomes a regular event at wacky hours of the night

All Side effects I might add that are Untreatable ;)

Are you Ready, are you Hungry, are you Desperado for Change?  If so, the time is NOW!
Allow me to help YOU get to the Heart of who you “Really Are”.