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Abby’s first book is a labour of love, and will be available for purchase in winter 2013. Read an excerpt from the introduction of her book, and sign up here to receive her book updates below.

Introduction to …
Loved and Not Forgotten -
A Journey to Transformation

by: Abby McDonald

This book is not a book about self confidence because if you knew what you were worth there would never be an issue.  Every human being matters to the Universe as we are all assigned a special role on earth; there are no mistakes.  There are so many lonely, hurting, wounded people out there that walk through life feeling unloved, forgotten and with no sense of belonging.  Thus they live a restless existence riddled with anxiety and fear.

All people need to feel a sense of connectedness and belonging to validate their very existence being here.  This book is dedicated to those who have lost hope, a sense of belonging and is intended to renew and refresh your hearts and minds so that you can be, do and have all that you are created to be.

Some of the greatest pain that we experience is as a result of some form of disappointment from others close to us; be it family, lovers, friends and everything in between.  We carry this pain throughout our lives permeating every area of our existence thereby impeding the flow of our lives and blocking us from experiencing true joy and fulfillment.  We must have the courage to face these issues, forgive ourselves and others in the process so that we may walk into our divine destiny with love for all.

The challenges, struggles, and even the darkest moments that I have experienced thus far has helped me tremendously to relate and understand the pain, loss and pressure that people experience on the path to greatness.  For this, I am eternally grateful to the Creator of all things for it is the inner conflicts we experience that humanizes us and brings us closer together.

Through my personal experiences and observations I have made throughout my journey, I will show you how the very pain and adversity that you experience in life can be the springboard and catalyst to discovering who you really are.  By making this transformative shift in perspective, you will become empowered with the ability to minimize the obstacles that you face and view them as tools to you meeting your divine destiny.

We will start this journey by examining some of these blockages that throw us out of the rhythm of life breeding frustration within us.  Then we will continue by exploring the evolution of healing where divine intervention will step in on our behalf to lovingly guide us along the way.

There is a greater, omnipotent presence that resides in us, guides us, and moves through us ultimately fitting us into a divine plan.  Those that acknowledge this presence, access and apply this divine knowledge imparted to them will surrender and flow through life with grace and ease.  For what we do not see is more powerful than what is visible to the human eye.  However, those that resist this presence and take matters into their own hands so to speak will invite excessive struggle and despair into their lives.

This is one of the greatest epiphanies that I have discovered thus far and I will show you how one of the keys to unlocking this divine assistance is by simply owning your true identity, tapping into your natural gifting and becoming a conduit of service to all.  By doing so, you will be expressing gratitude to the Universe thus drawing divine favor and the promises into your life.  You’ll note that I use the word “promises” as I truly believe that we are all entitled to an abundant, enriching experience of life but first we must believe it, claim it and receive it knowing that it will be done.

Let us begin our journey together then by opening our hearts and minds as the first step to leading us on the path to greatness.

Coming in Winter 2013 …