How To Cope During A Life Transition.

Life transition

Confused about what you really want in life?

Have no fear, you’re not alone, it’s a fairly common experience.

I decided to re-run this blog to encourage those of you who are feeling a degree of uncertainty in your life as the New Year steadily approaches.

I want you to know that you will likely go through many transitions during the course of your life as you evolve, grow and change, and it’s perfectly normal.

While it may seem counter intuitive, sometimes not knowing what you want is the key to opening everything.

This time of uncertainty can be your greatest time for reflection, insight, self-discovery —  and ultimately what your life mission is really all about!

A couple of years ago, I found myself in this very position. My career began to lack its lustre and I just didn’t have the passion for it like I used to.

I craved a deeper meaning for my life.

I knew with all my heart that I wanted to make a difference, yet I was spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. It was confusing because I had no idea what my next move would be.

However, through a series of divine experiences, a spiritual path was revealed to me.

It scared the crap out of me. 

It was completely opposite to the direction that I thought my life was headed. Strangely enough though, it felt familiar and right to my soul, and I decided to take action immediately.

When I declared this openly to my peers, they would inevitably ask me what I was going to talk about — and there was always an awkward silence.

I had no clear, specific message or answer for them.

When you inevitably find yourself in some sort of a transition, the best thing that you can possibly do to achieve clarity is to just stop; just be.

And, the holidays my dear friends, is the perfect time to do just that.

Don’t push or force anything.

Do nothing.

For when you find yourself in a state of neutrality, you can access intuitive guidance that will direct your steps.

If you’re too busy listening to your mental chatter, getting caught up in your head, or over-analyzing everything, how can you hear your soul’s guidance?

Silence reveals.

It will allow you to get in tune with your higher self and open a portal of infinite creativity and divine solutions that will be revealed to you.

Letting go is the key to accessing deeper clarity.

I hope this message empowers you to trust and have faith that everything will be revealed to you in due time.

Now your turn: are you currently going through a life or career transition of some sort? How are you handling it?

Feel free to share what you’re going through with the rest of the community on the blog so that we can support you.

Let infinity take care of the details.

To deeper clarity and meaning.

All love,

Abby xo

What To Expect For 2018!

What to expect 2018Hey friends!

Last year I wrote a blog about priming ourselves for 2017 and got a lot of positive feedback, so I thought that I would continue an annual “What to Expect” blog providing some insights into what I feel intuitively for the year 2018, so that we can all get ready to live our highest, most vibrant selves.

I want us all to experience a miraculous, enriching year filled with many blessings!

Who’s In?

On that note, here’s the word of the year that comes to mind for 2018 – INNOVATION.

Yes, you heard right!   2018 will be the year of creativity, and innovation.

We’ve seen this already happening with the rise of companies like Uber, Airbnb, Bitcoin etc. and it’s just not going to go away.

It’s not just some cycle friends, it’s a spiritual renaissance.

The former things have passed and we must adapt and welcome a new way of being.

This will require us all to galvanize our efforts in resourcefulness, ‘out of the box thinking’ and creativity during this Universal transition as the old, egoic structures, paradigms and traditions continue to be disrupted, dismantled and even disgraced.

Things are changing rapidly, which calls for courage and resilience more than ever before, an ability to be flexible and open as I anticipate the year to be frankly, challenging for many who hold fast to the old systems.

However, the beauty of it all is that we each have an opportunity to birth and create the reality that we wish to see by calling upon and awakening the spiritual faculties and abilities within.

By choosing to live in alignment with a high vibrational state of being, we can live in the frequency of love and oneness.

However, it does take work, consistency and a commitment, especially with one’s thoughts, energy and spiritual practice to shield oneself from some of the harsh, lower energies that percolate from all the fear and uncertainty.

The stronger your light, the more you’ll be able to ward them off.

I’m all for optimism, but also all for truth and mindful living.

Staying present and paying attention to ‘what is’ becomes critical as we prepare for future experiences.

Ask yourself the following “What has my experiences this year taught me?”

Then use the wisdom that you have acquired to make the necessary changes.

Life is a teacher and will always present divine assignments necessary for our soul’s evolution and expansion.

Here are my top 3 Tips for thriving during the year of 2018:

1. Keep your mind completely present.

Live in the present moment.

We are constantly creating in our minds.  In order to change the trajectory of your life, you must keep your mind completely in the present moment as each moment is preparing you for the next future moment.

It truly is a privilege to be alive. Don’t waste a minute of it by dwelling in your misfortunes or mistakes of the past or living in the anxieties of the future.  Both are an illusion, the only moment is Now.

The more you celebrate your life with deep appreciation and reverence in the now, is the more you set yourself up for wonderful experiences in your future.

Be full now.

2. Spiritual practice

This is the year to put your spiritual practice to daily use with the radical changes that are happening.

I’m a huge advocate of maintaining a spiritual practice that resonates with your truth and your path. For myself, daily prayer and meditation using the mantra of “Satnam” has worked wonders to give me mental and spiritual fortitude.

A daily, spiritual practice will strengthen and anchor you in the frequency of love and oneness so deeply that you can face whatever challenges come your way with grace.

How you respond to life can make all the difference to what shows up in your future. Yes, the “Law of Reciprocity” is very real, what you put out will come back.

Let’s bring on the good stuff!

3. Keep your vibes up!

Treat your energetic space like a temple by eating high vibrational whole foods that energize you and make you glow with vitality, meditate, meditate, meditate and engage in only high vibrational thoughts, interactions and activity.

This is not to say that you ignore your feelings, you must honor whatever shows up however, try your best not to dwell in them too long as they are only there to bring attention to any disharmony that exists within you for healing, not to unpack and live there.

Next year will be what you make it to be, let’s make it a year worth remembering.

I wish you all so much love, joy, peace and the most creative, exhilarating year ever!

All love,

Abby xo


Why Laughter Is A Healthy, Spiritual Practice.

Laughter is good for the soulHave you ever found yourself in a sticky situation?

I once had a meeting with a client who flew in to discuss how we could provide our services.

I was so excited and nervous for this meeting however, it just so happened that I had a pinched nerve in my right ankle that week, and I could not wear heels.

I panicked, this was an important client however, the meeting had to happen.

So I drove to the meeting in my chic, summer flats and carried a pair of heels for back up, praying that I could wear them sitting down in the boardroom.

Well, it didn’t actually pan out that way after all.

While preparing in the parking lot, my ankle was just not having it.

I panicked and thought “Omg, what am I going to do?”  I had to think quick, “so I thought to heck with it, I’ll wear my flats and just tell them the truth – that I injured my ankle.”

Turned out the client didn’t even notice, we had a wonderful meeting that even led into lunch.

While I was sitting in my car after the meeting I thought to myself, “Wow, I made such a big deal over my ankle and it turned out to be nothing at all.”

Then I burst out laughing at myself thinking about all the unnecessary torment I put myself through in my mind for something so silly.

Laughter has been incredibly cathartic when I’ve found myself in some of the most uncomfortable situations.

In fact, I believe laughter is a superpower and a powerful, spiritual practice.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned over the years is to laugh more, and lighten up!

I took myself way too seriously for so many years and fell into the trap of trying to be perfect.

If you can learn to accept your imperfections, forgive yourself more often, and change your dialogue of constant self-criticism so you can speak to yourself in a more loving way, I believe that miraculous shifts can occur in your life.

Do you know that laughter is spirit?

In fact, there is nothing heavy about spirit.  So the question is, why are we so hard on ourselves, when spirit is light?

So the next time you slip up, go easy on yourself.

Allow yourself to be a human being, be willing to find the humour in it all, and try again next time.

I hope this message empowers you to experience more joy and laughter in your life.

All love,

Abby xo

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