A Game-Changing Secret To Raise Your Vibration.

Be free with forgiveness

I want to share a game changing practice that will instantly raise your vibration.

You can heighten your vibes by implementing one simple, daily practice; everything you need starts with your thoughts.

Your thoughts heavily influence your emotional patterns, not to mention your energetic state of being overall.

If you want to increase your vibration, you need to forgive your negative thoughts repeatedly as a daily practice.

Holding onto resentments can weigh you down so much.

The amount of energy you waste on replaying a grievance over and over again in your mind can be incredibly tiring. Let’s be honest, it’s completely soul-sucking. It debilitates your spirit, your creativity, and your enjoyment of life.

And that’s just on the physical level.

On a spiritual level, it can throw you completely out of alignment with the flow of your life because metaphysically speaking, thought becomes form.

In instances where you are harbouring negative thought patterns, riddled with emotions of anger, it will eventually manifest into an obstacle of some sort that acts as a vibrational match. This can end up making your life pretty difficult.

When it happens, it can also lower your vibrational frequency — by a lot.

When your mind is attached to a past hurt, it can:

  • cause general distress
  • cause dis-ease to the body
  • block your chakras
  • block your creativity
  • and disturb your peace.

The root of all grievances is judgement.

We are constantly judging throughout our days the social media post, the person behind you in the coffee shop, your colleagues, your partner, your ex, your friends etc., we’re even judging in our sleep unconsciously, waking up tired and lethargic as the mind overworks itself and cannot shut itself down.

Zap, Zap, Zap, Zap. You’re giving away all your energy in the form of judgements until you become the hunchback of Notre-Dame, with little to no energy.

Judgement is the ego’s way of separating itself from Spirit and saying “I’m right,” — but this comes at the cost of your happiness.

When you make judgements, you cut yourself off from the greater whole, and fall out of the flow of grace in your life.

By implementing a daily practice of forgiveness, you can clear your energy and set yourself free.

This one simple thought pattern can allow you to fall back into a state of grace.

Now this is not a spiritual bypass by any means, as we must feel our emotions in order to heal them. It is a practice of loving awareness that frees your thoughts and in turn amplifies your energetic state so that you can feel lighter and brighter overall.

Whenever you feel the compulsion to judge, or replay a grievance in your mind, gently forgive each thought as it comes up, and set it free. It’s that simple!

Make forgiveness a daily practice.

It will clear all of that dense energy, so you can feel happier, and lighter. It will also allow you to free yourself from a lot of the heaviness that’s weighing you down.

When you initially start letting go, the ego will put up a relentless fight to hang onto a grievance, or an offence, in order to separate itself from Spirit.

Ego will want to prove itself to be right so badly, however, your ego will give up the fight because love is so much easier.

When you do this, you fall back into alignment with the flow of life, you free your heart of all that is getting in the way of you receiving good.

Now over to you:  Do you currently harbour any hidden resentments that are weighing you down? Are you willing to release them for the sake of your happiness?

Or, need advice?

Please share your heartfelt thoughts with the rest of the community on the blog so that we can support you.

I hope this message empowers you so that you can raise your vibration.

After all, who doesn’t want to feel good?

All love,

Abby xo


Why Your Mistakes Are Actually Serving You.

Your Mistakes Are Serving You

The path to healing is a life-long process that will require a lot of patience and gentleness with yourself.

We are constantly shedding away our past, old habits and patterns that continue to surface in our lives.

Just when you think “I’ve got it, I’ve finally got it!”, someone will say, or do, something that can trigger you so deeply that your pain (and many of your old patterns) can come back to haunt you.

Just when you think, I’ve met the one, you realize that it’s the same guy, but in a different suit.

Just when you think, I’m doing so well by eating healthy, you roll by your local Tim Horton’s, look at the menu and order the same donut with the sprinkles on it.

It can be incredibly frustrating, but you are a human being, and you’re going to slip up.

And that’s okay.

You’re going to break your diet and put the weight back on until you stabilize.

You’re going to believe your stories.

You’re going to put your foot in your mouth sometimes.

You’re going to skip the gym or yoga class, procrastinate, miss your meditation practice, stop your exercise regime, make poor choices, and the list goes on and on.

Because it’s never about the destination. It’s everything we learn throughout the journey.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned over the years is to be gentle with myself. This has helped me in turn to become more patient, understanding and compassionate with others.

You are going to fail your way forward to deeper meaning and that there is no other way.

Cause and effect is one of your greatest teachers, along with suffering, and pain. Let’s just accept it with grace, gentleness, and vulnerability. When you can demonstrate more compassion to yourself for the divine lessons that are unfolding in your life, you’ll really be able to open yourself up to the divine.

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s how we learn!

If you can learn to accept your imperfections, forgive yourself more often, and change your dialogue of constant self-criticism so you can speak to yourself in a more loving way, miraculous shifts can occur in your life.

So the next time you’re about to slip up?

Go easy on yourself.

Allow yourself to be a human being, be willing to see the lesson in it all, and try again next time.

Keep believing in yourself!

All love,

Abby xo




How Honouring Your Personal Truth Leads to Authenticity

Follow your truth

The word authenticity gets thrown around a lot nowadays, but what does that word really mean?

Authenticity is about honouring your personal truths; sometimes at the expense of pleasing others.

It’s a way of living; being the same person in public and in private, and voicing how you feel without layering it up with positivity.

For example, if you’re tired and someone asks you out to dinner, instead of making excuses, just tell them the truth, “I’m a little tired today, how about a raincheck?”

Clear and transparent.

The most important thing of all is that you honour your personal truths and integrity.

Of course it’s completely natural to slip up at times, it’s good to be reminded of staying true to what you stand for in all situations.

The disease to please is quite common in our society.

Why do we feel the need to do this?

Is it an underlying plea for approval and acceptance?

I’m sure you can admit that between making a choice to be brutally honest with your friends, or sugar-coating your response so you don’t hurt that person’s feelings, you would make the choice to save their feelings.

Brutal honesty, when delivered harshly, can be received as cruel and insensitive. However, I’d like to know why we have to cop out of saying it like it is nicely?

I’ve discovered that deep down, people crave the need to assimilate. You’ll allow yourself to be uncomfortable in the name of not being perceived as a party-pooper, and over time, this becomes a habitual way of living.

The sad part is, you’re only giving people half truthsYou’re not really honouring how you feel, and on top of that you’re not revealing who you really are.

Why do you wear these masks?

Your need for connection and validation can become so strong that you learn to stifle and sacrifice your voice as a means to be accepted.

For the sake of approval it’s easier to reveal just a small part of yourself, while the other person is left with only the fractured image that you’ve presented to them.

You are unknowingly giving your power away for the sake of being liked. 

Every time you withhold your truth by not honouring how you really feel, or acknowledging where you stand, you are not living in the space of your highest self. 

Examine how you feel when you’re about to tell a white lie. Notice how anxious you become, how slowly you start to feel heavy and weakened.

You’ll find that your resistance to being honest has more to do with an underlying need for acceptance, rooted in fear.

Fear of being judged and not liked, and the fear of being rejected.

Now I’m not saying that we should go around blurting out our feelings without any consideration for the other person, because on the other hand, that can have disastrous effects and ruin relationships.

Empowered living will require you to speak your truth so that you can ultimately live in the space of your higher self from a place of love.

Your turn; have you ever been in a situation where you found yourself being overly diplomatic only to walk away feeling totally depleted?

OR, need advice?

Share your heartfelt thoughts and comments with the rest of the community on the blog, and I’ll be sure to reply.

With love,

Abby xo

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