You are your own beloved. Surprise!…

You complete me

You are your own beloved…..Surprise!

Have I annoyed you with this one?  Are you rolling your eyes at me at this moment?  If so, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Why?  Because every time someone said that to me in the past it irritated me to the “Nth” degree.

But now…….I finally “Get it” :) .

You are your own beloved.  Take a deep breathe in and take that in for a moment.  In fact, take a couple and then while you’re exhaling, let out every failed relationship you’ve ever had, lovingly and reconnect with the Love that you already are within.

And, while you’re at it, please exhale that BS line in the movie Jerry Maguire where he lovingly looks Renee Zellweger in the eyes and says “You complete me” and let’s change it shall we to “You complement me.”

Ahhhhh……How does that feel, good doesn’t it?

You see, on the path to spiritual growth, you’ll discover that your entire experience that you have in life, is an outward projection of how you see yourself within be it whole or incomplete, worthy or unworthy.  Yup!

And so, that means that every relationship, friendship, encounter etc. that you’ve had, is a complete mirror of where you are in your spiritual growth.  And, it’s neither right nor wrong, it just IS.

There’s no magic to this, no freudan, psycho, babble “stuff”, it’s really quite simple – you get what you are and what you are a vibrational match with, period.

And, the people that have entered your life at various stages, are simply mirroring where you are while they are there to teach you about yourself.  Eek!  I know, you’re cringing at this moment aren’t ya’?  I did too when I finally flipped the switch and the lights went on ;) .

So there’s no need to beat yourself up.  There’s no need to hold on to grievances or grudges forever and ever amen nor stick it to them privately with a “Voo doo” doll behind the scenes for hurting you.

Why?  Because it was just your level of consciousness at that time, and was part of a perfectly, timed, divine curriculum, used as an exercise to expand your level of Awareness about yourself.

For the source of all inner peace, truth, love, joy, happiness is right there in the temple within you and easily accessible anytime.  That does not mean that we’re not meant to have loving relationships/partnerships in our lives, for our whole purpose on this planet is to love.

What it means rather, is that our relationships are only meant to enhance the fullness of who we already are – Love.

For True Love is “selfless” and about “giving” and one cannot give what they do not have within.  And once we awaken to this truth, we will no longer place expectations on others to “make us happy”, rather, we will want to share and give our love, freely and unconditionally.

And yes, there are no guarantees that you will not be hurt, but you will love anyways, again and again and again – simply because it’s who you are.

So shake off all that sadness, pain and hurt of the past and fall in love with yourself again.

You are your own Beloved.

Much love,

Abby xo


Say if what you want, isn’t what you “Really” need?…

Do I really need this

Ohhh, the struggle between wanting and needing. The discernment between what we think we want vs. what we “Really” need.

The illusion of what we Want vs. the Truth about what’s best for us.

Ring a bell anyone?  Oh yes, we all admittedly have experienced being torn at one point or another between lusting after our desires vs. the contentment of loving what IS.

It is this outward pull and the pursuit of our desires that can either launch us into orbit to our fullest, potential OR, can steer us away from our True selves.

Bishop T.D. Jakes describes the struggle of Ascension so eloquently as:

“The upward pull and the downward craving, caught betwixt both worlds, forever torn.”

While studying A Course in Miracles one day, I came across one of it’s lessons where it blatantly says “We don’t know what we want”.  Stay with me, it gets better.  Then it goes on to say:

What I think are my best interests would merely bind me closer to the world of illusions.

I gotta’ tell you my initial reaction was “Say what!?  Whatcha’ talkin’ bout?  Of course I know what I want.  I know me fully, I’m very clear minded – defensive, anyone?”

But then I took a step back and pondered it to myself and what came up was this.

You know that eating that donut loaded with sugar with the sprinkles on it, is gonna make you feel like crap and bloated after, yet you lust after it as you drive through your local Tim Horton’s (Yes, I go to Timmy’s).

So you’ve got a meeting first thing in the morning.  You know that if you eat it, you’re gonna crash and burn after.  You know, that eating a high protein breakfast will keep your vibes high and keep you on your game, yet you struggle.  Why is that!?

I believe that we’re really struggling between our Ego and our Spirit.  Or in more lamans terms, between illusion vs. Truth.

How do you know the difference between the two?  By how you feel.

You see, whenever you have an insatiable, craving for something that takes over your Mind; it’s coming from your Ego.  It’s purely egocentric and primal which invokes lower self desires.

It’s more of a “quick fix” if anything and to go a little deeper for a moment, it means that you’ve told yourself on an unconscious level, that acquiring that which you desire is going to make you feel whole and complete – then the let down happens when you get it and you feel like crap after.

I know, crazytown, right!?  I bet it felt like a good idea at the time didn’t it huh? ;)

This is how deceptive our wants and some of our desires can be.  This is what ACIM was talking about and I didn’t get it until now.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the “Real You”, your Spirit, whispers gently behind the scenes (because we do have free will and all) “C’mon Abby you can do it, step away from the donut.”

So here’s the million dollar question?

Why do we avoid the very things that are good for us?  Why do we worship deception?  Why do we bow to mediocrity?  I mean it’s really quite warped when you think about it.  If we know that touching a burner is going to hurt us, why do we go there to begin with!?

For some of you reading this, I’m not implying that we have to act squeaky clean and be perfect all the time, because the truth of the matter is, we’re all operating at our own level of consciousness on the path of our spiritual evolution.

What I’m more interested in rather, is expanding our Awareness and getting beneath the surface, beyond the thought, the root, the source of the desire, behind the illusion with the ultimate goal of not “fixing” ourselves, but transcending our limitations and healing our outward perceptions.

For the world awaits our presence to illuminate the atmosphere and bring down the light.  It’s time more than ever my friends to shine so brightly and make a difference in the world.  For a real change and shift will come through you.

Will you join me?  Are you willing to take the journey inward on the path to Ascension?

If so, your greatness awaits.

Vibing with this content?  Is your soul getting all stirred up?

Need Advice?  I’d love to hear from you!

Please feel free to share your heartfelt thoughts in the Comment Box and I’ll be sure to Reply.

Cheers to forever being a student and a seeker of Truth!

Much love,

Abby xo



What’s twerking got to do with it!?…

Group of four excited housewives in a kitchen share secrets

We live with an upside down, warped, way of thinking that criticism empowers, when it’s been scientifically proven that if you speak to a plant negatively, over time the plant will wither and die.

We’ve been taught that holding a grudge strengthens when it actually weakens, that love hurts when it energizes. That logic reigns supreme rather than embracing our gift of intuition.  That what we see is more powerful that what we can’t see.

We come up with slogans like “Tough Love”, when love is kind and gentle, not brash and harsh.  We walk with the belief that having and acquiring will bring about wholeness, worthiness, will make us more likeable, desirable, successful, more good looking even, to look like we have our “Shit” together.

We are dazzled by Celebrity gossip and get off on the misfortunes or mishaps of others, seduced by the deception of glamour, mesmerized by the outrageous, selfie pic on Social Media.  Seriously, what’s twerking got to do with it!?

It’s time to Awaken out of our “hypnotic trance” as my Spiritual Teacher, Satguru, Baba ji would say and return home to the Absolute Reality – Love.

For it is in love that we see our wholeness, our divinity, our perfection, our light.  It is in love that we see Truth, we focus on what is noble and worthy of our attention, the moment, the now, our beingness, rather than allowing our darkness to taint the lens of our perception and mould all of our interpretations.

It is in love we embrace our nakedness, our vulnerability, our innocence rather than putting up barriers and creating an illusory, Identity through the intellect.

We have forgotten our Divinity, but our divinity has not forgotten us.  It beckons us to ascend, go higher, form union with our Higher Self and whispers gently to our hearts to restore and awaken to our True selves.

There is something in the air.  You can feel it, I can feel it, we all feel it.  Of course we can – because we are One.

A shift has happened; a Spiritual Awakening.  My Guru calls it the “Diamond Age of Truth”, the age where light will shine down on all darkness, where all corruption will be brought to the forefront for healing.

It is a time for cleansing and restoration; the energy is powerful.

It’s like we’ve been given an extra lifeline to heal our old, karmic patterns from repeating itself over and over again.  It’s time then to amp up our vibrations, rise higher, step up our game, live with purpose, give back with heart, love radically and profusely without reckless abandonment to awaken the sleeping, Empress within while Shiva lovingly awaits her return.

It’s time to let go of the Old, bring on the New.  Grievances and grudges BE Gone!

Create space for the new.  Let go of all attachments for out of nothing; you allow everything.

May the pure light of divinity, illuminate every cell of your being and shine luminously in all that you do.

Cheers to living light, travelling light and being the light!


Abby xo




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