Do you find yourself being Seduced by Deception?

Blinded by DeceptionDo you find yourself repeatedly being seduced by Glamour, “Bling”, Slick talk and Deception? If so, I’ve got news for you, you’re living in an ILLUSION.

The world we live in is filled with grandiose promises, “Magic Pills” for overnight Success, Transformations, “Get Rich” quick schemes and the list goes on and on.

This is not a conversation about “Material Wealth” cause there’s nothing wrong with desiring wealth in your life. What it is rather, is to explore the part of you that is SOLD, strictly on Appearances not Substance. The part of you that gets seduced by the first person that crosses your path that flashes a Diamond at you.

Look, no one likes being “Duped” by deception, it really is a yucky feeling, but let’s dig a little deeper into this topic, cause things don’t “Just happen”. We must take responsibility somewhat for having a part in this.

Here are 3 Reasons Why I Believe that we Invite these Experiences in to MANIFEST:

  1. The first thing that comes to mind is that on an “Unconscious” level, you believe that you are “Unworthy” of your good and so you resonate vibrationally with the “Slickster” that crosses your path to support your Belief within. The magnetic draw is SO powerful that you have two parties that meet to fulfill the needs of one another. Thus you set yourself up for a “Let down” in the process to reinforce this Old Belief pattern that is no longer serving you, AND the “Slickster” walks away drawing from your energy, giving them a False sense of “Superiority” – Mission accomplished. While you’re left feeling like you got played.
  2. I believe that it is the addiction to live in FEAR, Illusions and Deception that prevents the Authentic Self, the “Real You” from emerging. It’s almost like there’s an Inner Struggle within between your Ego’s false wants and desires and your Spirit’s Truth. To Simplify, it’s like the EGO is having a temper tantrum against your Spirit saying “NO, my way is better”. Thus the Inner strife ensues, affecting your vibrational frequency and creating your “Unsettling” experience.
  3. A lack of Self Acceptance comes to mind as well where you’ve convinced yourself that you must go “Outside” of yourself to attain things to enhance you, thus giving you a False sense of Security and Validation while masking the “Authentic Self”.

All of these false Inner Beliefs create Anxiety and disharmony within you because your Spirit knows the TRUTH about who you “Really Are” yet you won’t Surrender. Thus the battle ensues.

Blind by BlingIt’s painful to admit as no one likes to be NAIVE or be made a fool of, but making peace with this part of yourself and forgiving yourself gently is a necessary step to releasing this karmic pattern.

This is a conversation to Empower you by facing your TRUTH so that you can allow the “Real You” to emerge ultimately leading you to a more fulfilling life.

I believe that all suffering results from living a FEAR based existence. The fear of your own Light, you’re own Power, your own Truth. Yet we convince ourselves that External things empower us.

I’m now convinced that most of the Struggle we have in life is between seeing Illusion vs TRUTH. Choosing to worship the Deception of the physical realm vs the Truth of the spiritual realm in our Minds.

For all of my “Truth Seekers” out there, if this topic is striking a cord with you and you can relate, don’t be ashamed, we’ve ALL been there, including myself. The best Advice I can give to cease this pattern in it’s tracks is to honor your TRUTH, that “Still Voice” within you that says “Turn Left” when in the midst of a Slickster.

Follow your Inner GPS, it will not fail you.

Much love,

Abby xo




Your Dream Career does not Exist

Confused woman

Are you Sick of waiting for your Dream Job to Appear?  Do you find yourself secretly rendezvousing with your ”Ideal Career in your Mind?

C’mon now…..

What if I were to tell you that it doesn’t exist?  Eek!  I could just hear your Mind right now saying, “Wow, thanks Abby, you’re such a Dream Crusher“.  But that’s not what I mean.

What I mean is, YOU must Create it.  And before you can “Create” it, you’ve gotta’ have an Idea of who you “Really Are.” 

To be more specific, that means knowing your Gifts, talents, strengths, Passions, skills, VALUE etc., ultimately giving you a sense of Confidence in terms of what you bring to the table.

You see, what I’ve observed being in the Executive Search BIZ, is that a lot of people walk through life with the idea that their Dream Career is just going to be handed to them or like it’s gonna “Drop out of the Sky” and so they plot through life, taking whatever is given to them, just to get by.

And before you know it, they’re stuck in a JOB that just pays the bills without any Passion.

Sound familiar anyone?  Absolutely!

Here’s the thing, the key to unlocking your Gifts, resides in your Heart and this will ignite Passion.  Your Skills, on the other hand, are the Vehicle to achieving your Dream Career.

For example, you could have a Passion for baking and secretly Desire to have your own Bakery, however, in order for it to Succeed, you will need certain Skills to achieve it.

There are some who approach their Career from a linear perspective in that they “Thrive” on the fact that they’re Passion alone is enough to Succeed – we call them “Dreamers”.  However, this is simply not True nor is it Holistic in perspective.

You will still need the “Skills” & a Strategy to execute the plan to make the Dream a Reality.

Conversely, there are others on the opposite side of the spectrum who merely “Survive” on their “Skills” alone in a Job that lacks Passion which leads to frustration & a lack of fulfillment.

Catch my drift?  You need both.

DREAM Career is created when Passion & Skill meet and work together synergistically.

Here are 6 Career Tips that will help you Identify your Passion Vs. Skills:

Career TIP 1 – If you’re feeling frustrated in your current Job, chances are you’re working solely with your Skills and not enough with your Passion.  Career fulfillment comes when HEART and Mind are working in unison with one another.

Career TIP 2CLARITY is the 1st step to Creating results.  What does your Ideal Career look like?  Write it down.

Career TIP 3 – Write down all the things you LIKE about your current Job Vs. what you Dislike, then compare.

Career TIP 4 – Now grab a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle and list your Skills on one side Vs. your Passions on the other.

Career TIP 5 – Once you’ve narrowed down your Passions Vs. Skills, run a Google search on Careers in your city using Key Search words.  You’d be amazed at the world of Career Options that will Open up to you combining both that you didn’t even know existed.

Career TIP 6 – Now run a search on Recruiting Firms or Companies that specialize or Hire in those types of Careers.

BINGO!  Clarity at last.

Doesn’t that feel a whole lot better than just taking whatever is handed to you?

You now know what you’re good at, what you’re Worth, what you can Offer AND what’s available to you.  Empowering, isn’t it?

Final Thought:

When making a Career choice, choose a Career based on your Heart, then instruct your Mind using your Skills to Create it.  Success is achieved using both.  Fall in LOVE with the idea of creating your Dream Career, it’s far more Empowering that way rather than waiting for someone to hand it to you.  Always remember, that you’ve got something very precious to offer the World, and this will give you an Unshakeable amount of Confidence, putting you darling, in the Driver’s seat of your Life.

Super!  Now that you know who you “Really Are”, go out there and be Fierce, Fab & Fearless.

Got something to Say or Ask about your Career Aspirations?  I’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the Comment box below.

I’m waiting for you!

With love,

Abby xo

The ALLURE of Authenticity

Allure of Authenticity

There is a “Wooing” that occurs within, an Allure that draws your TRUE Self to emerge. It starts off like a Whisper, an Attraction, an Awareness, an urge to be FREE and then; an insatiable desire to be Authentic.

It is often indescribable to your loved ones and occurs at an “Inconvenient” time where you evade all previous plans to Discover the “Real You”. It will keep you up at night, tossing and turning, questioning all of your Beliefs, the people around you, your life in general; it will STIR things up.

The Magnetic draw is SO powerful, pulling you home to your Spirit while you shed away what’s behind you. It will bring you down to your knees in prayer even for guidance, and those around you will call it a so called “Mid Life “crisis, but it is more than that - it is a Spiritual Awakening.

You’re Heart is being “Called” to return home to a place of LOVE.

The Allure is mysterious, yet familiar, painful yet peaceful, confusing yet purposeful until you finally centre yourself within and Align with your “Authentic Self”. It will bring up Pain that is unimaginable, you will feel like an Emotional Rollercoaster, like you’re losing your Mind even but you will not turn back, you will keep moving forward because you know in your Heart it is worth it.

You’ve lived your life thus far living an EGO dominated existence, you’ve befriended Illusion by creating a false image of yourself to please those around you. You’ve abandoned the Essence of who you are as a means to seek Validation and Acceptance from the World. And although it may have worked for you then, it can no longer Serve you nor the World before you.

And so the Whisper is a “Call” that becomes louder and louder until you Surrender.  Do not be Fearful of the seemingly “Cataclysmic Events” that surround you, for It will even allow Crisis to befall you, not to Hurt you but to teach you how to HEAR the “Still Voice” within.

It will Isolate you, Mold you, Teach you, Expand you, Nurture you, HEAL you & Comfort you even while the crowd gets smaller and smaller. For there is work to be done, your presence and your LIGHT is needed to Serve and Change the World.

For all of your life, It’s been waiting for you patiently with Open arms, lovingly, longing to share it’s Infinite Wisdom, calling you to return Home to your “Authentic Self”; calling you to live in TRUTH.

And so my question to you is, when it finally knocks on your door, will you be BRAVE and answer the Call? Will you Trust and be Patient with the Process? Will you let go of all Old Beliefs and Illusions? Will you Surrender to your Truth and be led? Will you Allow the “Real You” to emerge?

If your answer is Yes, your Freedom awaits.

Much love,

Abby xo





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