Plans. The running joke of the cosmos…

Smart girl

Plans.  We all have em’ don’t we?  We plan a perfect, portrait of how our lives “should” look like.  All well intentioned, purposeful, well thought out, positive, hopeful, I mean why not?


But what happens when you’re “so called” plans become a bust and the laughing stock of the cosmos?

Not so funny at first isn’t it?  Yup, it’s like your perfect “Selfie” pic, getting photobombed by a cosmic disturbance.  Sweet!

You see, I “Get it”, boy do I ever.  In fact, I’ve always been a planner my whole life.  I planned, I strategized, I set “realistic” goals, even “measurable” goals; then I planned some more.  In fact, I had every minute, detail all worked out.  I became the practical, “Expert” of my life.  I pushed – HARD.

“Make it happen” was my mantra, anxiety became my faithful companion and then – life happened.

So much so to the point that I just threw my blueprint up in the air and said “to heck with it life, you take the lead”.  And so with humility in tact, I surrenderedWhile being dragged, kicking and screaming I might add towards a brand, new life ahead of me.

Sound familiar?  I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

What’s up with our obsessive, preoccupation with planning?  I’ll tell you what’s up, it’s our underlying mission to control and create a false, fortress of security and create our own Identity.  To make a statement loud and clear to the Universe that “I’m in control”, “I know the outcome” and this is how it’s going down because “I” said so.

Little do we know that we were never in control anyways and that we must consult with the Big guy and work with it, not against it in order to fall into the flow with grace and ease.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are free to be, do or have whatever we want in life, absolutely!  Free will reigns supreme and that’s a beautiful gift that’s been bestowed upon us.

However, one slight oversight in the contract.  And that is that we must Co-create with this mysterious, greater entity for the highest good of all in order to experience true happiness, inner peace and fulfillment.

And so, I’ve come to the following conclusion.

There’s the plans that we make and then there’s the plans of the Chief architect.  Openness and flexibility is the happy medium between the two.  In essence, it’s called team work, oneness, consciousness, collaboration, purpose; with an ultimate intent to serve.

Come a little closer, I’ve got a secret to share  “It’s not just about you.”

It’s about serving a cause greater than self that leads to a more meaningful life and using the tools you’ve been given as a gift of thanks back to life.

The beauty of it all is that life actually adores you and longs to shower you with affection if only we could loosten up a little, let go and allow it to have it’s way with us.

Ahhh!  The sweet taste of surrender and the power of “I don’t know”.  At first it feels like it leads us nowhere but unlocks the door to everything, restores our memory to our True identity, sense of purpose and the reason why we’re here to begin with.

And what an amazing feeling it is to awaken, restore and discover who you “Really Are”.  To finally breathe in truth and exhale illusions.

To live in love, harmony and peace.

With love and hugs,

Abby xo





Whoa! I witnessed myself in my Mind. Hooray!


Ok, so here’s the “dilio”.  What I’m about to share with you may or may not resonate with some of you and I’m cool with that.  In fact, some of you may actually think I’m a straight up “Nutbag” but that’s ok, I’m goin’ in anyways.

Here goes……

For the first time ever, I witnessed myself and actually heard the voice of my Higher Self.  After all of the books I’ve read, after all the spiritual stuff I talk to you about, the endless amount of meditation, I finally get what every Spiritual Teacher known to mankind has tried to teach us and wanna know something?

It’s soooo wild.  So this happened…..

It was like my Mind completely slowed down and I heard myself rambling about something and just in that moment, for a split second, I heard the still voice of my Higher Self emerge and say “Look at her chattering away.”  Jolt, “Huh, where did that come from?”  “But it’s only me talking?”  What!?  “You mean there’s two of us in here?”  Yikes.

The moment I became Aware that there was someone else lurking behind the scenes observing me, truthfully, I got a little creeped out and then it stopped – that was my moment!

True Story.

I know some of you are probably saying “So what else did it have to say?”  And you know what, that was it and maybe, just maybe, if I didn’t resist and get startled I could of learnt a lot more about myself.  Oh well, next time.

Here’s the whole point to all of this that I want you to think about.

If in fact there’s 2 “so called” people residing in your Mind, how do you know which one is the “Real slim shady” or the “imposter?”

My guess is that the Imposter is the one who won’t stop chattering, incessantly.  You know as the old saying goes, “Empty vessels make the most noise.”

My friends, imagine what would happen if we got to know our Higher Self a little better?  The answers to all of what troubles us would be answered and we wouldn’t have to go outside of ourselves to seek anything at all.

We would simply just have to be Still and receive divine guidance.  There would be no need to have a panel discussion with your friends about your “Situation”, there would be no need to pay for advice, all you would have to do is look within you.

You see, most of us have the tendency to go outside of ourselves and the reason why we do this, is that on a deeper level, we believe that we are separate from “All that Is” when we are actually one with it.

The best way to describe it is like in the movie “Men in Black”.  Remember that memory device that was used to wipe out their memory?  Well that’s what happens when we come into the world.  We tell ourselves in order to “Survive”, we must create our own Identity through the Ego to fend for ourselves with the belief that we are forgotten.

The irony of it all, is that after all the seeking and the searching, we finally come to our senses and return home to our true Identity; we remember our magnificence within.

That’s when true happiness and inner peace emerges, for we now operate with a knowingness of who we “Really Are.” 

A beautiful, human being filled with so much light and love to give to the world.


Abby xo


Decide to Be You, fearlessly…


I remember when I started writing my random thoughts for Talk With Abby, a couple of people were like “Whoa, with the woo woo” stuff girl, and I laughed quite honestly cause I get why they were taken aback because it was the first time I revealed this part of myself.

One person actually told me to tone it down with the “Prophet” talk…. my response was “Thank you very much for your opinion, but the “Prophet” talk stays”, with a smile of course :) .

You see, what I’ve discovered, is that creative expression is the most, liberating feeling, ever.  Oh yes, writing helped me find my Authentic voice, it helped me say the things that I thought in my mind that I was afraid to say.  It cracked me open and the “Real Me”  emerged.

Oh yes, putting pen to paper was an Awakening for me.  It was like I opened this sleeping cell within my being and the words just flowed like a river, effortlessly.  I am so thankful for discovering this hidden gift that I overlooked for so many years of my life.  And this is the very reason why I encourage people to “Stay Open” and to never proclaim to have everything figured out about yourself.

We are all evolving as we expand into who we are meant to be.  Our journey is infinite, there is no beginning and no end.  When we label ourselves however, I believe we create limitations in the mind as to what’s possible.

I’ll give you an example.  I remember in my earlier years I would chant “I’m not a morning person.”, ”I hate mornings” and one day my father said to me, “please stop saying that it irritates my auditory canal.”  (Don’t ask about his choice of words…lol!)

And so being the undercover, rebel that I am, I challenged him and what he explained to me was that by saying “I’m a blah, blah, blah, you limit what’s possible for yourself.”

And you wanna know something?

He was right.  Because many years later, I discovered that I’m the happiest, annoying, morning person you’ll ever meet.  In fact, I have no issue with getting up at 5am in the morning and not being cranky at that.  Even on weekends.  Seriously!

Had I of closed my mind to this by labelling myself, I would not have discovered that I actually like waking up in the morning, get my point.

What I’ve discovered during this magnificent, transformative, healing period of my life, is that I’m actually a gregarious, intraovert who loves her own shadow.

Yup, I’m one part extraovert, 1 part intraovert, a closet nerd who loves to read deep spiritual stuff and philosophize.  Still got my edge and practicality though, pfewww!  Cool points in check.

I’ve discovered the “Real Me” and I’m loving it. :)

And actually to be perfectly, honest with you, I resisted this part of myself initially and “Judged” myself as being a “Party Pooper” as I compared myself to the “Old Me”.

But, I really believe that God was helping me to remove my mask so that I could discover my True essence.  And I gotta’ tell ya’ Truth rocks and it’s “Uber” liberating!

As you grow, you too will discover so many hidden gifts and talents within yourself to be used as a service to many.

My advice – don’t hold back, don’t edit, don’t filter, Be You fearlessly.  Because at the end of the day, there will be a tribe that will dig you and appreciate everything about you.  You don’t have to become anything other than yourself, the world’s got enough copycats, what it needs is more originals.

Quite contrary to your belief, your “uniqueness” is actually your secret weapon.  If you go putting all kinds of artificial fillers and additives, you’ll screw up the recipe.  And, the irony of it all, is the more you accept yourself is the more the world with accept you.

In fact, you will liberate others to be themselves by your example and become a shining beacon of light.

Cheers to being fearless!

With love,

Abby xo



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