Decide to Be You, fearlessly…


I remember when I started writing my random thoughts for Talk With Abby, a couple of people were like “Whoa, with the woo woo” stuff girl, and I laughed quite honestly cause I get why they were taken aback because it was the first time I revealed this part of myself.

One person actually told me to tone it down with the “Prophet” talk…. my response was “Thank you very much for your opinion, but the “Prophet” talk stays”, with a smile of course :) .

You see, what I’ve discovered, is that creative expression is the most, liberating feeling, ever.  Oh yes, writing helped me find my Authentic voice, it helped me say the things that I thought in my mind that I was afraid to say.  It cracked me open and the “Real Me”  emerged.

Oh yes, putting pen to paper was an Awakening for me.  It was like I opened this sleeping cell within my being and the words just flowed like a river, effortlessly.  I am so thankful for discovering this hidden gift that I overlooked for so many years of my life.  And this is the very reason why I encourage people to “Stay Open” and to never proclaim to have everything figured out about yourself.

We are all evolving as we expand into who we are meant to be.  Our journey is infinite, there is no beginning and no end.  When we label ourselves however, I believe we create limitations in the mind as to what’s possible.

I’ll give you an example.  I remember in my earlier years I would chant “I’m not a morning person.”, ”I hate mornings” and one day my father said to me, “please stop saying that it irritates my auditory canal.”  (Don’t ask about his choice of words…lol!)

And so being the undercover, rebel that I am, I challenged him and what he explained to me was that by saying “I’m a blah, blah, blah, you limit what’s possible for yourself.”

And you wanna know something?

He was right.  Because many years later, I discovered that I’m the happiest, annoying, morning person you’ll ever meet.  In fact, I have no issue with getting up at 5am in the morning and not being cranky at that.  Even on weekends.  Seriously!

Had I of closed my mind to this by labelling myself, I would not have discovered that I actually like waking up in the morning, get my point.

What I’ve discovered during this magnificent, transformative, healing period of my life, is that I’m actually a gregarious, intraovert who loves her own shadow.

Yup, I’m one part extraovert, 1 part intraovert, a closet nerd who loves to read deep spiritual stuff and philosophize.  Still got my edge and practicality though, pfewww!  Cool points in check.

I’ve discovered the “Real Me” and I’m loving it. :)

And actually to be perfectly, honest with you, I resisted this part of myself initially and “Judged” myself as being a “Party Pooper” as I compared myself to the “Old Me”.

But, I really believe that God was helping me to remove my mask so that I could discover my True essence.  And I gotta’ tell ya’ Truth rocks and it’s “Uber” liberating!

As you grow, you too will discover so many hidden gifts and talents within yourself to be used as a service to many.

My advice – don’t hold back, don’t edit, don’t filter, Be You fearlessly.  Because at the end of the day, there will be a tribe that will dig you and appreciate everything about you.  You don’t have to become anything other than yourself, the world’s got enough copycats, what it needs is more originals.

Quite contrary to your belief, your “uniqueness” is actually your secret weapon.  If you go putting all kinds of artificial fillers and additives, you’ll screw up the recipe.  And, the irony of it all, is the more you accept yourself is the more the world with accept you.

In fact, you will liberate others to be themselves by your example and become a shining beacon of light.

Cheers to being fearless!

With love,

Abby xo



Got a vice? We all have em’, get to know yours…

Vice 2

Everyone’s got a Vice, don’t even fake it.  It’s the spice that gives our personality that extra flavour and kick.  Don’t deny it, be Real with yourself and accept it.

You see, most of us are inclined to hide it, reject it, project it, we blame it, judge it, give the finger to it AND we resist it.

And what I’ve found, is the more we do all of the above, we create more internal suffering for ourselves, thus the Inner Struggle ensues.

The truth of the matter is, that we are often one of our worst critics.  We judge ourselves harshly while denying (which by the way is a form of lying to ourselves) about what’s really going on behind the scenes, because let’s face it, it’s painful.

However, I believe that we must face our darkness, square in the face and just have a conversation with it as you would a friend even.  Without judgment, more like a curiosity so that we could get to the root of our paradigms, illusions, false perceptions and then heal them through acceptance and Self Love.

We often carry these inner demons around with us with great shame, anxiety, and guilt which in turn depletes our energy.  Having a conversation with our darkness is more like shining a light on it, whereas when we judge it, we shine more darkness on it while it expands, because what we resist, persists and keeps us imprisoned in our false beliefs and our illusions about ourselves.

The truth of the matter is, is that behind the unrelenting craving of this Vice or Want, is a perception that you are Incomplete without it.  And so we tell ourselves that in order to feel Whole, we must go “Outside” of ourselves to seek some sort of relief and comfort instead of turning inward with Awareness that we already have what we need.  We are whole.  We are complete.  We are enough as IS.

To further simplify, a Vice is the Ego’s way of wanting “Comfort food”.  You crave it, you desire it, you worship it, you secretly indulge in it only to get a temporary fix, a massive mood swing, only to feel like crap and full of regret after.  It’s a bingeBut it did sound like a good idea at the time didn’t it?

And this right here, is the vicious cycle that we perpetuate within and imprisons us in bondage while blocking our Authentic Self from emerging and living in the forefront of our lives.

What I find so comical and fascinating, is the Universe will then spice up our Inner “Soap Opera”, by allowing certain people to enter our lives, to trigger us and ultimately heal us from within.

However, unfortunately, we are often blinded to the opportunity of divine healing as we get into blame, “sucky” mode with the other person and point the finger at them with great disdain while rejecting the mirror image of ourselves.

Because in truth, we are angry with ourselves and now this person is in your face, your Vice is up for public display, you’re pissed and then you resist and resort back to your Old patterns.

Sound familiar to anyone?  I bet it does.

Here’s the point of the matter.  There is nothing to fix, only to transcend and to heal.  There’s a difference.  To admit that we must fix something often gets our Ego’s back up while we get defensive because nobody likes to be told what to do as we’re quite stubborn creatures.

However, I believe that if we actually speak to our darkness with love rather than with scorn and disdain, we are coming from a place of love and love can only bring truth, more light and freedom.

And so I encourage all of you my friends to face your Vice with great courage, grace and love.  Give yourself the opportunity to live in truth because it will set you free.

Believe it!

With love,

Abby xo







The moment you discover who you “Really Are”…


Dear friends,

A year ago, I started walking on my spiritual path only to stumble upon a transformational course called A Course in Miracles.  The moment I took the first lesson, it was like food for the soul and I wanted more and more to the point that I studied it daily, literally until I understood it’s core principles.

It was like a magnetic pull if you will as it drew me in and I devoured it’s divine wisdom with an open heart and mind.  All of a sudden it all made complete sense to me.  The veil that altered my perception for the greater part of my life, had been lifted off of my eyes, truth triumphed, illusions fell to the wayside and my vision was restored.

The best way to describe it is, imagine walking your whole life through a dark room, bustling your way through.  Well in my case, I finally found the switch, the lights went on and I was forever changed – I found my “True Self”.

Lo and behold, A Course in Miracles has become the foundation of my message at Talk With Abby as “Allow the Real You to Emerge” and I am so happy to announce, that I’ve made the decision to dive in fully and become a Teacher of the course.  A gargantuous task I know, as I follow in the footsteps of the amazing, author and teacher of the course, Marianne Williamson.

Oh yes, I will be “Walking My Talk” every step of the way as transformation is my intention as a Life Coach to heal, empower and inspire my readers and clients.

There is a moment in life my friends, where you discover your life’s purpose and by the grace of God, I’ve discovered mine.  I can recall a rather strange coincidence on the day of my launch party, May 15th 2013, a picture was taken of me standing in front of a chalkboard at the venue, totally not planned I might add.  A coincidence…..hmmm or a nudge from above and beyond for what’s to come.

If you pay close attention and you’re awake, the Universe will send you clues on the person you are meant to be.

There is lots of work to be done but I am committed to the journey.

And so on that note, I’ll leave you with this quote by A Course in Miracles where it states:

“The miracle does not awaken you, it merely shows you who the dreamer is.”

Thanks for your loyal following my friends and cheers to an epic journey.

Sending huge love your way,

Abby xo





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