Guess What? Ignorance is Bliss…

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For some of you reading this headline, you’ll burst out laughing saying Yes and for others it will be “Heck No Abby”.  Either way, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

But stay with me for a moment with an open Heart and an open Mind, let me explain.

I used to hear people declare the statement that “Ignorance is Bliss” and the mere thought of “not knowing” made me cringe.  Seriously!

My intellect just couldn’t grasp the concept, because in Truth, I was addicted to “Analysis, Paralysis”.

I lived in the Mind.  My Ego took centre stage in my previous life and the result was this incessant, chatter going on in my head, in my sleep, in the shower, whatever I was doing, stealing my moments, disturbing my Peace of Mind and more importantly allowing me to come to preconceived, “Crazytown”, forgone conclusions and judgments that were flat out Wrong!

There was a constant, internal struggle with separating the Real from the Imagined, between Truth and illusion.  A battle with what I saw in my Spirit vs. what I saw in my Ego.  It was a flat out War, constantly being in defense mode to prove myself Right AND others Wrong.

Oh yes, I was a closet “know it all” and I would even go to the extent of saying that I was a closet “Fault Finder” (which I discovered stemmed from a lack of Trust and that’s a whole other conversation altogether some other time).  Come hell or high water, I was protecting those paradigms baby.  I chose Suffering.

But for realz, I just had to put the pieces together constantly, wracking my brain, conceptualizing everything to prove myself rightAnd you wanna know what?  It robbed me of true Joy and the truth of the matter was, “I simply have No clue, you have No clue, none of us actually do”.

Take a moment and let that thought permeate every cell in your being, breathe, exhale and observe the feeling that you get without judgment.  How does it make you feel in your body right now?  Does it feel constrictive or expansive?  Does it feel fearful or does it feel peaceful?

You see, what I learnt, is that there is something comforting and peaceful about not knowing everything.  It’s called the practice of Surrender and trusting in the Unknown.

It’s about believing wholeheartedly that the Universe has your back at all times, that what you need to know will be revealed in due time, that everything is actually working for you as unorthodox as it may seem and overall to just have Faith, that it’s All Good.

We are so obsessed as a global society with being in “the know”, we’re so busy managing other people’s business in our Minds as Spiritual teacher Byron Katie would say.  And a lot of it has to do with our fear of “Uncertainty”, the need to control the outcome AND not knowing who we “Really Are”.

It gives us this false sense of security in some way, a false identity, a sense of control when in Truth, we were never in control to begin with, Everrrrr!


Now I’m not suggesting that we float around in life, without a sense of purpose, mission or plan in anyway, what I’m trying to impart to all of you as coming from a reformed, “Analyzer” and “Control Freak” is that I’ve discovered that Surrender and Peace of Mind is absolute Bliss.

I’ve discovered that when you truly let go, Grace invades your life.  You smile more, laugh, chillax, and believe it or not, you get more done.

Surrender is radical, it’s the “New Black” and you wanna know what?  People will notice a glow about you, they’ll gravitate to you and they won’t even know why.

Your light will shine so brightly that people will see their own reflection in your presence and they will want the same.

Yes, you will become a beacon of light for transformation, your Authenticity will give people permission to be who they are.

The “Real You” will finally emerge, for you are finally home.  You are Awakened.

With love,

Abby xo






Off with the Excuses. Nobody cares…

No excuses

So you’ve got a presentation to do first thing in the morning.  You’ve been working your “Butt Off” on this project for a couple of weeks, getting all your ducks in order, crossing all your T’s, dotting all your I’s and then Wham!  Your computer crashes, because your cat sat on the keyboard while you’re working.

Totally a freak accident, a cosmic disturbance of sorts, unexplainable beyond comprehension, totally not your fault, but guess what?  Nobody cares, they’re only interested in you doing the damn thing.

I know, it sucks but it’s true :(

I once worked on a Consulting project for a client and what a World Class company.  You could just see the congruency of their Values, Mission statement and Service all aligned.  Go figure they made the Forbes list of one of the best companies to work for.  True leadership at it’s finest.

One of the things that caught my attention in their Mission statement is “Own the Outcome”.  I read it and thought, beautiful, how Empowering!  And it’s true, we must own the outcome of our lives, we are totally responsible.

Now don’t get me wrong, stuff happens, I get it, not everything is our fault.  In fact, there are seasons in life that can be so intense and adverse to the point that you think there is this massive conspiracy going on to sabotage you and take you down, been there, done that!

But we must find the courage to keep pressing and deliver amidst the obstacles in our way.  That is the test of a true Supernova, Empress, No Excuses!

To some of you reading this, please don’t think I’m trying to be harsh here, I really do get it. And believe it or not, I’m a super, sensitive person with oodles of compassion, but we must be Real with ourselves in the sense that life happens but the show must go on, it’s just how it works.

I’ve often believed that children can teach us so much about follow through and doing what you’ve gotta’ do.  For example, when your child has to go to karate class at 6pm on Thursdays, your child does not care that your boss blasted you at the office for doing a crappy, job on your presentation in front of your co workers I might add.

Your child, is determined to make that karate class so that he can hang out with his best friend, Billy and is expecting you to get him there on time, No Excuses!

Now I don’t have any children of my own yet, but I’m a proud auntie and I’ve observed my amazing brother follow through on his responsibilities as a father in utter, admiration.  You see, my brother has taught me what commitment really is all about.

He really is exceptional and quite the consummate professional in his job, as a businessman, husband and a father to his children.  Oh yes, my brother gets stuff done and makes No Excuses!  And, makes his wife happy :) .

A man of valor, strength and humility.  Oh yes, our dear father taught us well about honor, integrity and staying true to your values.  I could just hear his voice ringing “Abby, you’re an Executive, Get it together, No Excuses!”

Thanks for your words of wisdom Daddy, you’re absolutely right (I’m totally a Daddy’s girl :) ).  And I guess we can all take a lesson from this that we really do have the power to get stuff done.  Especially when we’re “Uber” clear on our “Why” we become so fiercely, focused that the obstacles must step aside, oh yes, because the job must get done.

So join me, as we move into a brand New Year, in chanting “No Excuses” as a mantra in honor of staying true to our Dreams, Values and Commitments.

Cheers to getting the Job done!

With love,

Abby xo


A heartfelt letter of truth & thanks to my readers…

Free at last

Dear friends,

I find myself reflecting on the incredible growth that has occurred in my life for the year 2013 with a heart full of thanks.  2013 for me was the year that I was pushed to the limit both personally and professionally.  The Universe made it’s point very clear to me that it was time to lead with my Heart vs. my Mind, and what unravelled, was a massive, Spiritual Transformation.  I discovered the “Real Me”.

You see, before you can truly Lead and Inspire, you must be prepared.  You have to truly “Get it”, “Live it”, “Walk it” and “Overcome it”.  You have to walk through the fire and Master yourself before you can become truly impactful in the lives of those that you Serve.  You have to do the Work.  And the work by the way, never ends as we blossom into the person that we are meant to be.

I want all of you to know from the bottom of my heart, that everything, and I mean everything that I write about, are things that I have actually experienced myself and have overcome.

I have taken the journey with you, and through my own Inner Transformation, my ultimate goal is to help guide you to becoming your own “Guru” so that healing can occur in your life.  So that you can allow the “Real You” to emerge and play the Game of Life in the space of your “Authentic Self”.  A path less travelled and scares most, but the road that leads to the most fulfillment.

My wish for all of you entering the year 2014, is to face life with Courage and Grace.  Walk with a childlike, Faith that God’s got you covered, that you are Safe and that All is Well.  Remember that you are Loved and not Forgotten, and more importantly, love the “Real You”.

May 2014 be filled with loads of love, truth, peace & joy.

Happy New Year my friends!

Much love,

Abby xo

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