Comfortable is So Overrated!

Take Risk

We’re meant for MORE, we’re meant to Expand as we are Infinite by Nature. Comfort is sooo Overrated!

This Illusion of playing it SAFE robs people of allowing their Greatness to emerge. It is by stepping outside of your Comfort Zone that you truly Discover who you “Really Are”.

Now I’m not saying that we should all go “Bunjee Jumping” and “Skydiving”; although Skydiving’s on my Bucket list:). What I mean is doing the thing that you FEAR so that you can Stretch beyond your capacity.

Too many times I see people living vicariously through others while they BURY their heads in the Sand, watching people DO their thing, not willing to disrupt their Cozy life and I say to myself, Wow, they could have some Amazing GIFT within them that’s laying dormant, that’s just waiting to Break FREE, but won’t because they’re not willing to “Shake” things up.

Take myself for example, would you believe that I had a FEAR of Public Speaking? Oh ya! I was completely terrified of it. You see, for most of my Career in the Executive Search BIZ, I dealt with clients one on one, or made the odd presentation to small groups. To make matters worse, I worked in my Home Office and although I enjoyed the comforts of working from home and still do, it stifled my Dynamism and DESIRE to make an impact on the lives of Women all over the World.

Take a leap

I had a Message, it had to get out there and Public Speaking was one of the vehicles to do it, whether I liked it OR not.

And so, I had to Dive right in, face my Fear of Speaking and DO it Anyways! At first, I gotta’ be honest, it scared the Crap out of Me, but you wanna know what, after I did the first one and then the second and so on, I became more Comfortable with it and worked on Refining my Skills and still do.

So my question to you is, what are you Afraid of doing darling? Is it starting that BIZ that you’ve been dreaming of? Do you have a Passion for Fashion? Do you have a secret desire to start that Catering BIZ? What is it?

Then I want you to make a Promise to yourself, that you do just ONE thing towards that Dream every day.

It could be simply, journaling all of your fabulous Recipes, OR it could be you signing up for a course in Fashion design. By making that small step forward, you’ll continue to Challenge yourself, and before you know it, you’ll get “Sucked in” and take the plunge towards the realization of your Dream.

You see, sometimes ALL it takes is making that first step forward and the rest is History.

Final Thought:

We ALL have something very precious to offer this World, but you can’t make a difference in the lives of others if you hoard your GIFTS as they are meant to be Shared. You owe it to Yourself and the World to Refine your Talent by stepping outside of your Comfort Zone so that you can Unleash the “Real You”.

I’d love to hear from you!

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Until then, Cheers to being Fierce, Fab & Fearless!

Much love,

Abby xo

You need Criticism. What!?!

Not all criticism is bad

Have I got your attention? You’re probably reading this saying “What the Heck Abby”, no I don’t!

I’m here to say in some instances, YES you do! Ouch! I know it hurts, but it’s True. It’s the good ole’ “Tough Love” that makes us uncomfortable at first but then Empowers.

Do you know that a lot of us walk around with “Radically” distorted perceptions in life? Oh ya! And, guess what? We don’t even see it. Our lens is so blurred by the ghosts of our past, that it blinds our propensity to see the TRUTH in a lot of instances.

And you know what? Sometimes we wanna shoot the Messenger for speaking the Truth to us but they’re actually Awakening us to see things through a different perspective.

I know, it’s a tough conversation but sometimes it takes the Courageous “Tell it like it is” person to be the Fall guy or gal to help us HEAL within.

This is not about glorifying the “Haters” in life, but it’s about walking in our Power and not becoming so “Overly” sensitive by the occasional Critique that comes our way. It’s about remaining Open to the possibility that perhaps they may have something to say that’s worth our attention, leading us to deeper SELF Reflection.

I’ve learned that messages from Above and Beyond do not always appear in some mystical, Supernatural form. I believe that God sometimes speaks to us in the most unlikely forms AND unlikely individuals. The problem is that sometimes we cling to our own Beliefs so Strongly that we cover our ears to hear the Truth.

It reminds me of the character named Richard in the movie, Eat, Pray & Love that irritated the heck out of Julia Roberts at first by “Calling her out” on her “Stuff” that she tried to cover up.  We all have those in our lives, I myself could name a few in my life that I want to wring their neck on occasion but LOVE them in the end for their brutal honesty.


Many of us are inclined at first to take the defensive, route to blame those that “Threaten” our Reality that we live in our Minds. The Reality that needs a little shaking up, so that we can live more Authentically.

This is a hard pill for many, even for myself at times, but I’ve learned that it is impossible for us to know everything and to keep an Open mind in order to GROW. And Oh ya, that so called “Hater” that you’re so quick to dismiss as being “Negative” could actually be your Messenger of Truth.

Now I’m not saying that everything a person says is GOSPEL but I’m encouraging us to Step into our Power more and transcend our emotional sensitivities to “Observe” before reacting to what is being delivered, when it can actually help us.

I’m suggesting that instead of us living in the illusion of “Duality” constantly in our Minds and resorting to Judge a comment as “Negative” so quickly, let’s rise above that and see what we can actually learn from it, so that we can ultimately live our Best lives.

Much love,

Abby xo


Allowing the “Real You” to emerge when Connecting


Authenticity reigns Supreme when putting your Networking on! Gone are the days of cheezy, “here’s my card, can I have your business, please hear my demo”, desperado tactics.

An Awakening has occurred, a SHIFT of Consciousness from “Get” to “Give” – SERVICE.

And when you walk with this intention to Serve, naturally you will transmit this energy to those that you interact with to the point they’ll be flocking to you like Moths to LIGHT.

Yup! The shiny “Fake it to Make it” persona just ain’t cuttin’ it anymore, cause people can smell a “Slickster” from a mile away. You better believe it! Never underestimate those around you. People more than ever are spiritually attuned to their environment, they FEEL more than the words coming out of your mouth, nor do they buy into you just because you’ve got a “Slammin’” outfit on from Holt Renfrew.  Nope, those days are OVER.

It’s the “Real You” that will create REAL, Authentic Relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fashionista and totally believe in presenting yourself in a polished, professional manner. Cause let’s face it, no one wants to work with a disorganized, sloppy person who is unsure of themselves.

My friends, there is a Deep yearning for people to live in TRUTH not Illusion, to be themselves, vulnerable and naked and that includes in the Business world.

They say that insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. And so if you find yourself Networking and getting no LOVE from those around you, turn within and ask yourself these 3 Honest, questions:

1)  Am I coming across a little “Desperado”?

Sometimes people have the propensity to be more “Preoccupied” with their own stuff goin’ on like their personal life or their bank account. What you don’t realize is that you will transmit these energies to others AND, you deplete your own Energy field; people will feel “Heaviness” around you. When I Coach candidates prior to their Job Interview, I remind them to park ALL of their personal “Stuff” prior to the interview. It’s the same with Connecting, it’s not just about You, walk with the intention that you can help someone with your Service.

Me to We

2)  Was I truly being “Present”? Was I playing “Full Out” in the moment?

Being present is SO important. People like to feel “Heard” and “Acknowledged” and if you’re off daydreaming somewhere in your Mind, people will feel this and think you’re disinterested in what they’ve got to say, much less their Business, their business need I remind you that could be “Your” golden opportunity to SERVE and Shine with your Services.

3)  Am I being the “Real Me” or am I putting on a front?

I’m not a believer in the “Fake it to Make it” approach because it just doesn’t work anymore. People’s antennas are UP like crazy, they yearn for Authenticity, it makes them feel SAFE and connected. You may ask why I use the word Safe, I use it because if people smell a “Slickster” in the midst, their defenses will naturally go up and FEAR mode will kick in, this isn’t going to make you any friends, clients OR draw you closer to them by the way.  Something to think about, isn’t it?

Final Thought:

Times have changed, our world is evolving as a collective, Consciousness. Those who do not adapt to these changes in the Business World will either get left behind or experience great struggle to connect with their customers. We must not Resist these changes, we must Rock with it so that we can fall into the Flow, SERVE and make a difference in the lives of others.

Much love,

Abby xo


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