The RAW Truth about being a Home Based BIZ Owner

Work from home

Are you cheating on your JOB fantasizing about starting that Home Based BIZ you’ve been dreaming of?  If so, that’s wonderful!  But here’s the RAW Truth about Home Based BIZ:

Look, you’ll never live up to your FULL Potential playing it safe, YES! But before you jump off that cliff, leave your day JOB, benefits and start that Home based BIZ you’ve been dreaming of, play the game Smart.

Here are 6 Career TIPS I’d like to share with you that I’ve learnt along the way being a Home based BIZ Owner for the past 6 years:

Career TIP #1 – Not everyone is meant to be a Business owner, Ouch! Yes it’s true, talking from experience. The best Advice I can give is, make sure you LOVE what you do, because once Adversity hits, you’ll need the Werewithal, Tenacity and Passion to keep going, and believe you me, it will, that’s how you GROW.

Career TIP #2 – Infatuation with the IDEA of a Home Based BIZ will not be enough. Do not be seduced alone by the freedom, glamour, money, or “bling” if you’re not prepared to Commit and DO whatever it takes.

Career TIP #3 – Home based BIZ can be quite isolating. At first you’ll “Revel” in the freedom it brings, then you’ll feel like a “Hermit”. You need to feed off of the energy of others to CREATE. My humble suggestion, “Get out of the house”, become a Seminar “Junkie”, NETWORK, go Solo if you have to, did that for years myself, Join a Mastermind, meet clients etc. It’s all about Balance.


Career TIP #4 – I’d like to take a moment to “De-glamourize” Passion for a moment, because what I’ve learnt through experience is that Discipline TRUMPS Passion every time. It is the accumulation of small efforts done with LOVE and Excellence is what builds a successful BIZ. If you fall asleep at the switch, live “High off the Hog” and Slack off, be prepared for some Rough Tides. Been there, done that!

Career TIP #5 – When you start your 1st Home based BIZ, always remember this Rule – 80% of your work must be on “Revenue” generating activities i.e. Sales and Marketing. Attract the customers first, then worry about delivering, operationally later. You’ll figure it out, it’s called the School of Hardknocks. HUSTLE then Flow.

Career TIP #6 – Cash Flow is the Lifeline of your Home Based BIZ, you better believe it! It will take more than you dreaming, meditating and manifesting in your Mind. If you’re thinking of calling it Quits at your Job to start your BIZ, put aside minimally 6 months of “Fixed” living expenses, get a BIZ Line of Credit and live as Simply as possible until your BIZ takes off.

Final Thought:

Many people are disenchanted with working for a company nowadays due to a variety of factors and I get that. Running your own BIZ is the most exciting Journey that you can take, but here’s my Final, honest thought having been a BIZ Owner for over 6 yrs. We all have a Special role in life, like a car it will take different, UNIQUE parts to work synergistically together in order for the car to operate – It’s the same in life.  Having your own Home based BIZ is empowering and rewarding, I’ve done it for years but it’s not for everyone. You can have an equally fulfilling CAREER working for an Employer.  My Advice – Be TRUE to who you “Really Are”, love the “Real You” and if you already have a Job that you Love, feel fulfilled and appreciated, don’t get “Glamourized” by Entrepreneurship. The grass does not mean that it’s greener on the other side. Stick in your Lane and Be true to thyself.

Much love,

Abby xo

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