The 3 C’s of Career Growth

Confidence, Clarity and Communication


Confidence always goes a long way; in fact it often sets the tone of the interview.  Now I’m not talking about arrogance but rather a cool, confident demeanour filled with enthusiasm, that’s what I’m talking about.  It just gives the Employer faith in you and your abilities and reaffirms that your skills can help them reach their goals.  Remember, that is what employers are looking for, period.  (more…)

If you really knew me …

If you truly want to live your happiest, most Authentic life and Allow the “Real You” to emerge, part of the process is knowing and accepting Thyself.  For example,

If you Really Knew me you would know:

  • That I’m a little Shy
  • Organized yet a little Flighty
  • Confident yet occasionally second guess myself (more…)

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