If you really knew me …

If you truly want to live your happiest, most Authentic life and Allow the “Real You” to emerge, part of the process is knowing and accepting Thyself.  For example,

If you Really Knew me you would know:

  • That I’m a little Shy
  • Organized yet a little Flighty
  • Confident yet occasionally second guess myself (more…)

Be Fierce using Your Key Assets

I’ve always enjoyed working with Sales professionals, in fact most of the positions that my company has placed are in Sales.  And then it dawned on me that we spend most of our lives selling ourselves.  Think about it for a moment, we are constantly selling or convincing people to buy into us and don’t even realize it.  Now think about the interviewing process, you’re still selling, this time you’re professional skill set to the Employer.  For that reason I’ve developed a couple of KEY Selling points that we coach Sales reps on that can be used for anyone on the Job Market. (more…)

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