Totally Grateful and Humbled…

round_Megan DelgrandeI remember the first time I met with Abby, I instantly felt connected to a woman that is full of love and desire to be part of change for any woman that may need it, want it, or feel for it. She is an inspiration and muse for allowing light and positive affirmation into your life.

Megan Delgrande

round_Pam Prashad

I attended Abby’s Heart Detox Pt. 2 on How to Release Self Judgment and Criticism and had a phenomenal breakthrough in regards to why I pressure myself for monetary success. Thank you Abby for creating an environment that was safe, comfortable, peaceful and loving. The space you created was welcoming and it allowed me to be open and free from judgment. I was fully self-expressed!!”

Pam Prashad

round_Melita Varga 2Abby combines warmth and care to her professionalism from the moment you meet her. It’s really easy to let your guard down and deconstruct a situation or behavior that is one of life’s learning opportunities. Personal growth is possible at any stage in life and Abby’s ability to personally coach is a great tool to have on hand.

Melita Varga

round_Sacha MarthinezAbby is thought provoking and insightful. She helps you tap into the potential you are not fully utilizing so you can transform into the person you are meant to be with ease, grace and confidence.

Sacha Marthinez

round_Pamela DivaI find because of all that I have learned through your program, your support, words of wisdom, I am present to all that is remarkable. I am constantly creating breakthroughs in my life and God answers my prayers all the time! My love relationship is now back on track built on a more solid foundation and blossoming!! Hooray! I feel a miracle has happened!!

Pamela Diva

round_Greta YazbeckWhat an amazing first encounter I had with you darling Abby! You are a true inspiration. Your words of wisdom come from your heart, my spirit soars when we speak. Today and every day, I look forward to waking up to your sensational messages which always carry a message of hope and inspiration for me.

Greta Yazbeck

round_Shereen AshmanOne session with Abby lifted a tonne of weight off my shoulders. What you can expect is an inviting and calming atmosphere. This gentle soul will guide you through an exploration of what has kept you in pain and heartache. My session with her on forgiveness was moving, inspiring, and eye opening. If you are ready to release that thing that has kept you back, I highly recommend Abby McDonald.

Shereen Ashman

round_Christine WilsonI was definitely stuck, and couldn’t get unstuck by myself. Abby helped me find the momentum to do something I’d wanted to do for a long time. I was amazed as things that I’d been stuck in for years became relatively easy, and how my goals suddenly jumped much higher than I’d originally set them! She helped me see possibilities, inspired new ideas, helped me on my spiritual path, and encouraged me. She is a highly skilled and intuitive coach. She freely gives of herself and I’ve always had the feeling that she’s 100% in my corner.

Christine Wilson