The Heart Detox

Restoring the Heart to it’s Original place of Love


Heart Detox Sessions


Now how many of you have had a Detox before? I know I have.  Ever notice how during the Detox you feel fatigued and weighed down like you’ve literally run a marathon but slowly as the days go by, you begin to feel lighter and brighter and full of energy?  I don’t know about you, but I even feel happier and when I throw exercise into the mix I feel completely energized.

Well it’s the same with the Heart.  How often can you say that you’ve taken a Heart Detox? Many of us work tirelessly at trying to keep a fit, hot body especially since the Summer is approaching.  But have you ever thought of having a Heart Detox?  At first when we examine our pain it hurts, in fact it hurts like hell and it’s heavy and you’re like “I can’t deal with this right now” “I can’t fall apart right now”, “I’m too busy”, “I have to be there for my kids and my family”, “I can’t afford to be weak” and so we put on our masks and walk through life pushing it down further and further, becoming more and more unhappy with our lives and not realizing that the key to unleashing our best lives is by being OPEN and Vulnerable and facing what is holding us back head on.

And guess what?  When when we purge ourselves of the former things of our past, slowly light enters our heart until it fills up and illuminates every dark corner.  That is what the Heart Detox is about restoring the Heart to it’s original place; to a place of LOVE.

Our Journey in life in many respects brings us back to this place of Home.  And when we experience unconditional love and that sense of connectedness with the Divine, we are able to spread this love freely and easily in all that we do.  We are able to Love others from an Authentic place, making a difference in the process.

Many of us start our Journey in life experiencing hurt and disappointment and through these unfortunate circumstances we form our own individual perceptions.  Thus we walk with this invisible burden, this profound story of sadness that we carry around that we create and we tie ourselves to our pain attracting and recreating more and more situations to be disappointed about.

Most of us have the tendency to numb our pain by going outside of ourselves and seeking comfort in externals.  I call it the “I’ll be happy when’s”.  You know, the “I’ll be happy when I make more money”, “I’ll be happy when I’m married to the partner of my dreams”, “I’ll be happy when I have a better career”, “I’ll be happy when I lose weight” etc.  Come on, we’ve all done this at some point in time including myself.  And then we get all these Self Help books on how to “Manifest” these things and “Make it Happen”, instead of shifting from within to a place of love.  And it really all starts there to begin with, to so called “Manifest” the experience that you would like to have.  And so, I believe we’ve been working backwards in many respects and focusing on the “Doing” more than the “Being”.

Here’s the thing my friends, you can work hard like a maniac, you can say all kinds of “fluffy” affirmations all day long, which I do believe in the power of words and thought.  However, until you get to the Root of your pain, forgive yourself and release it, you will not be able to love abundantly.

And that doesn’t just mean in your Career of choice, but it will affect your relationships, your finances and every area of your life.  For your External World is a direct mirror of whatever “Inner Conflict” that is happening in your life.  You see my friends, Unworthiness = Lack.  Worthiness = Wholeness.  Meaning that if there is a deep feeling of “Unworthiness” in your Heart, you will attract Scarcity and lack in your life.  However, if you walk with a feeling of “Worthiness”, your heart will be operating from a Wholesome place thus you will position yourself to receive more to be grateful about and this will trickle down into all areas of your life by the true definition of abundance.

Take the heart for example, when the arteries of the heart are blocked, the blood can’t flow freely and it will put the body at Dis-ease.  Now think of energy, Energy is free flowing and so when you live in the Past replaying moments of disappointment or hurt, it blocks your Vessel from receiving your good.  And that my friends is what the “Heart Detox” is all about, getting to the Root of what is holding you back and restoring your Heart to it’s original place of Love.

For when you love deeply in all that you do, Relationships, Career etc, the world will love you back.

And so The Heart Detox is very much about making a declaration to the Universe that I AM ready to release and forgive myself and others from the past.  I AM ready for Transformation.  I AM ready to be all that I AM created to be.  I AM ready to Serve to the best of my ability using my Divine Gifts and TalentsI AM ready to release whatever is no longer serving me.

I created the “Heart Detox” series as a means to heal the blockages that get in the way of us living our best lives and impede the flow of our lives.  I’ve used myself as a “Guinea pig” to study as well as they hundreds of people I have interviewed in my profession as a Coach as well as the people I have interacted with over the years.  The series begins with a 30 Day Forgiveness Challenge through prayer and affirmation and then we take the journey of examining the ever so “Subtle” energetic blocks that we demonstrate throughout our day to day lives.  Now I’m a practical, profound type of person and so, I believe by making the most simple changes in our lives, we can have the most “Transformative” shift in experiences.  Having said that, I’ve developed the 6 Part series, shining a light on and examining the subtle habits and practices that we do and the “Words” that we speak in our day to day that contribute to us remaining Stuck.

It’s about opening the Heart from a constricted place to opening the Heart so that opportunity for creativity and expansion can occur.  That’s what we’re here for my friends, to use our Divine Gifts and Talents to serve for the greater good of all.  And in order for us to work from a place of love, excellence and create change we must heal our hearts from within.

If you are truly ready for Change and I mean truly, say the following to yourself:

“I am ready for Change.”  “I am ready to release all Old limited beliefs that are no longer serving me.”

My friends by saying this you are sending a powerful message into the Universe that will echo a ripple effect that you are ready to Serve and be used for the greater good.

Get ready for a Life changing experience:)

May you all be well, love and live life fiercely.

With love,

Abby xo