What A Twenty Dollar Bill Taught Me About Allowing.

Art of Surrender

So this week I’ve got a cool, “Aha” moment to share with you all.

You’ll find that the more present and aware you become, you’ll begin to realize how the Universe is always speaking and responding to you.

This weekend I took off on a mini road trip for a day.  About an hour into the drive we decided to make a quick stop to grab a coffee at Starbucks.

I pulled out a $50 bill to pay the barista as I didn’t have any smaller bills.  She accepted my payment and then told me that she only had $5 bills left and that she didn’t have any larger bills. I accepted it reluctantly, a tad unnerved.

I just felt like it cluttered my wallet, I like my money neat and organized; one of my strange idiosyncracies.

So I asked her if I could get a $20 bill from another customer that paid and offered that I would wait.  She then responded that they don’t exchange money that way.

Clearly my pushing to get what I wanted and my negotiation skills were not working, so I accepted it gracefully, walked out with a smile, my gazillion $5 dollar bills and my Americano.

Later on that evening on the way home, I decided to stop for some takeout.  While standing in line, I struck up a conversation with a lady that was waiting in line behind me.

When it was my turn at the cash register, I pulled out the wad of $5 bills to pay the cashier and before you know it, the lady who I was chatting with behind me says “Oh I see you have all those $5 bills, how about I exchange a $20 bill with you?” She then went on to say “You need a larger bill and I’m in need of smaller bills.”

My first response was, “No, really it’s ok” and then in that split second, I remembered that I wanted a $20 bill earlier, so I accepted it.

I walked away thinking “Wow, I asked for the $20 bill and I got it, how awesome!”  And it came to me in the most unorthodox way, from a complete stranger that I would never have figured out.

Which got me thinking, how many times in our lives do we say that we desire something whether it be a beautiful relationship, a career opportunity etc, and it arrives to us and we literally push it away?

Thankfully, I was able to stop myself from refusing this complete stranger’s kind gesture and accept my blessing.

So here’s a few questions that I want you to reflect upon, “Do you allow life to unfold?”  “Are you willing to be blessed?”

Because what I’ve found in life, is that life will only bless us with what we are willing to allow in.

And really, a lot of it stems from our beliefs, stories of the past, feelings of unworthiness etc.

The good news is, you can heal these self defeating patterns one small shift at a time, just like that split second that I witnessed myself almost resist my blessing of the $20 bill that I asked for and quickly made the shift and accepted it.

And if you can commit to a daily, practice of meditation, get ready to expand your awareness like never before and place yourself in a state of grace.

I hope this message empowers you to know that the Universe is for you.

Make that your daily mantra, let go of your resistance one small shift at a time, and watch your life begin to change.

With love,

Abby xo




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