Whoa! I witnessed myself in my Mind. Hooray!


Ok, so here’s the “dilio”.  What I’m about to share with you may or may not resonate with some of you and I’m cool with that.  In fact, some of you may actually think I’m a straight up “Nutbag” but that’s ok, I’m goin’ in anyways.

Here goes……

For the first time ever, I witnessed myself and actually heard the voice of my Higher Self.  After all of the books I’ve read, after all the spiritual stuff I talk to you about, the endless amount of meditation, I finally get what every Spiritual Teacher known to mankind has tried to teach us and wanna know something?

It’s soooo wild.  So this happened…..

It was like my Mind completely slowed down and I heard myself rambling about something and just in that moment, for a split second, I heard the still voice of my Higher Self emerge and say “Look at her chattering away.”  Jolt, “Huh, where did that come from?”  “But it’s only me talking?”  What!?  “You mean there’s two of us in here?”  Yikes.

The moment I became Aware that there was someone else lurking behind the scenes observing me, truthfully, I got a little creeped out and then it stopped – that was my moment!

True Story.

I know some of you are probably saying “So what else did it have to say?”  And you know what, that was it and maybe, just maybe, if I didn’t resist and get startled I could of learnt a lot more about myself.  Oh well, next time.

Here’s the whole point to all of this that I want you to think about.

If in fact there’s 2 “so called” people residing in your Mind, how do you know which one is the “Real slim shady” or the “imposter?”

My guess is that the Imposter is the one who won’t stop chattering, incessantly.  You know as the old saying goes, “Empty vessels make the most noise.”

My friends, imagine what would happen if we got to know our Higher Self a little better?  The answers to all of what troubles us would be answered and we wouldn’t have to go outside of ourselves to seek anything at all.

We would simply just have to be Still and receive divine guidance.  There would be no need to have a panel discussion with your friends about your “Situation”, there would be no need to pay for advice, all you would have to do is look within you.

You see, most of us have the tendency to go outside of ourselves and the reason why we do this, is that on a deeper level, we believe that we are separate from “All that Is” when we are actually one with it.

The best way to describe it is like in the movie “Men in Black”.  Remember that memory device that was used to wipe out their memory?  Well that’s what happens when we come into the world.  We tell ourselves in order to “Survive”, we must create our own Identity through the Ego to fend for ourselves with the belief that we are forgotten.

The irony of it all, is that after all the seeking and the searching, we finally come to our senses and return home to our true Identity; we remember our magnificence within.

That’s when true happiness and inner peace emerges, for we now operate with a knowingness of who we “Really Are.” 

A beautiful, human being filled with so much light and love to give to the world.


Abby xo


2 Comments on Whoa! I witnessed myself in my Mind. Hooray!

  1. Desiree
    March 5, 2014 at 11:30 am (1740 days ago)

    As always, a very inspirational and thought provoking blog. Love to you! :)

    • Abby McDonald
      March 5, 2014 at 12:07 pm (1740 days ago)

      Hi Desiree! Thank you :) Much love, Abby xo


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