You Can Master Your Vices, I’m Proof.

Sugar addiction

Today I want to share something personal with you about my own journey.

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my skin lately and I share this humbly with you all about my secret and it’s very simple.

You see, I gave up alcohol 2 years ago, and believe you me I loveeee wine.

But something spoke within me and made me aware that alcohol became a vice for me. It exacerbated certain old patterns that were no longer serving my growth.

For me, self mastery is about conquering the vices and cravings within.

Certain religious faiths describes it as the flesh/carnality, and the New Age refers to it as the ego.

We all have these vices within us that cause addictions to the visceral experiences, and our senses. This could either range from sex, drugs, alcohol, sugar, distractions etc.

When our vices take over, we become a slave to our senses and addiction happens. This takes us further away from our true selves. It’s something that I learned from my Divine Teacher, who also reaffirmed the higher calling of my life, and how it was important for me to master my vices through daily meditation and discipline.

My inner guide also showed me that in order to fulfill the spiritual call in my life, I needed to have a clean vessel. Alcohol weakened my super power and affected my ability to hear divine instruction clearly.

One of the keys to living your highest, most vibrant self is to get to know your vices. Learn to love and accept them, and then naturally, the spirit within us will emerge and take the lead.

So I decided to give up alcohol.

I can recall the day of this transformative shift in my life when I was collecting my empty wine bottles to take to the liquor store for recycling, when I saw a guy in the elevator that looked at me, puzzled.

I could hear his thoughts say, “You like to party,” and I laughed silently to myself thinking, this guy thinks I’m a lush.

Because I often see the humour of things, I shared this personal revelation and the awkward elevator moment with my father, who happens to be a cool dude, and he said “Well, the inner man has spoken.”

And that was it, I made my decision.

Fulfilling the call on my life was way too important to me, it was beyond my excuses, beyond my limitations, I was ready to live my highest self and to become a divine instrument of service.

Now I didn’t go completely cold turkey at first, reducing it to say only 5 drinks a year. (I know, I’m such a rebel!) But now I am completely off of alcohol now as I go deeper on my spiritual path, and I feel so much better from the inside out.

Plus, I have mastered this vice and no longer crave it. One down, more to go.

It’s also made a huge difference on my skin as it’s more hydrated and miraculously has taken years off of me.

My intention is to show people that we are more powerful than we think, and we that we have the willpower to master our vices.

We all have the ability to overcome our vices, my friends, and by discovering your Why, it will give you the strength to discipline yourself and choose differently.

For only when you believe in something greater than yourself do you find the willpower to be committed to a calling, and being your highest, most vibrant self.

Cheers to willpower, you can do it!

All love,

Abby xo


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