Your Past Is Not Who You Are.

Releasing the past

One night while I was having dinner with a few friends, I happened to share some hardships that I experienced in my life, to which the response at the table was, “Wow, Abby! I didn’t know that you went through all of that, girl.”

I guess I never really shared it because I no longer dwell in my past, so I don’t talk about it.

I’ve learned that it is precisely when you go beyond your story that you discover who you really are.

Your past can serve you as a learning experience, however, it does not define you.

For many years of my life, I got swept away as a victim.

It wasn’t until I finally made peace with my childhood, and re-framed my perception that I realized there was a lot more to who I truly was beyond my experience.

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

Who would you be without your story?

Who would you be without your subjective interpretation of life’s past events?

The answer to these questions could be enlightening, jaw dropping, and completely liberating.

For example, you may realize that you never really wanted to become a financial advisor and that you want to become a travel blogger instead. Maybe you never really wanted to become a lawyer since you have a love for the culinary arts, and you want to be a chef.

You’d be surprised what you can discover about yourself when you’re willing to ask those questions.

The beauty of it all, is when you remove all of the layers, you wipe the slate clean. You will go beyond your limits and discover even new gifts and talents about yourself that you never even knew existed within you.

When you become enthralled with your story of the past, you become hyper-vigilant in proving it so much so that you cannot see. Nor can you tap into your potential because you are chained to your history.

To get to the core of what truly moves you in your life, you have to be willing to let go of all preconceived notions that you’ve been taught in order to emerge as your true self.

You must transform from the inside, and shed away the past in order to get to the heart of who you are.

Everything is possible, if you have the courage to let go of your past experiences in an effort to remain open to the ever expanding mystery of life.

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To new discoveries!

All love,

Abby xo

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